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My Friend Pedro is one of the most stylish shooting games I’ve ever played. The banana made me do it….
Thank you to the developer for sending me the game early:
Falling In Love With A Banana ►

►Twitter :

Edited by Pixlpit:

Outro animation created by Pixlpit:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. When he said Pedro I glanced up from my tablet at my Mexican flag. Gotta say, oddest looking chico I’ve seen

    Also, “that time I felt in love with a banana.” Love how naturally that just came out

  2. Play the new one, my friend Pedro, riped for revenge

  3. Now In 2021,this game is still awesome

  4. Every time you do the intro, I can’t stop thinking about the song. “ALL THE WAYYY TO F’IN VICTORY TOWN”

  5. Bro did you know they made a moblie game of it

  6. It's 2021 Jack are you ready for a full playthrough

  7. The mobile Pocket edition is a slow motion version of this which one is better

  8. I wonder why he hasnt played the full game.. maybe it wasnt good enough for a lets play

  9. Bro my friend Pedro is like soo goooooddddd even when it just released it was so action packed

  10. There's a mobile version of's garbage..don't get it..

  11. My sister unsubbed to you so I slapped her😁😁😁

  12. I played ripe for revenge and I have NO IDEA where THIS came from

  13. The game my friend pedro is now on mobile! ( and also ITS FREE but with ads.) I think its on iphone, Android, etc. GO PLAY THE GAME ON MOBILE NOW. I am trying to help the devs.

  14. i know the guy who owns the place!
    me who knows the lore 😮

  15. All right this is a very hotline Miami field doing

  16. I played the OG game. Doesn't look as cool but it was nice. I mean it still had slow-mo, shooting flip action. It's basically the exact same thing but in 2D and different character and the mobile app was exactly the same but more cartoonish animation. Also when you are on a bike you could wall ride then flip off the wall over an enemy and when you're on top of them explode their bike. Also I was better at it then he is at this. (LONGEST COMMENT EVER!)

  17. Son of dam, the dog told me

    Jack BanAnaaaaaa

  18. "I'm going to post this on social media to get attention and validation." Pretty much the only reason why most vvomen these days use social media.

  19. i wonder if he will ever play batman arkham knight

  20. I played the mobile one cuz am b r r r r r o k e

  21. There's A My Friend Pedro Mobile Game, Its My Friend Pedro: Ripe For Revenge

  22. I finished the game i think 3 years ago but i finished ot on a switch. Small screen boi

  23. This game gives me very strong Deadpool vibes and I love it

  24. Now that the game is fully out he should play it all the way through

  25. Just play Devil May Cry 5 for style. I’d love to see Jack do that

  26. I used to own this game and it got removed of my console and watching this wants me to pay 20 dollars for this

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