The Pokemon game where you have a gun -

The Pokemon game where you have a gun

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This Pokemon fangame is weirder than most–and crazier than you would dream of. Watch as we fill the Pokedex in strange new ways!

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Artwork/Emotes by Lycel, SSSucrose, AbbyBagel
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  1. Why kill Pokémon instead of catching one catch instead not kill one pls

  2. Pokemon legends arceus in a nutshell:

  3. I would do nothing but hunt pikachu, that stupid rat had it coming.

  4. After watching this i think i need to reprogram my brain to avoid being psychopath

  5. This is what you get for making terrible stuff like Pokémon

  6. 1.8 million views on murdering pokemon and your childhood

  7. Put rip in the chat for every Pokémon harmed in the making of this video 😂

  8. There’s something like this it’s called palworld it’s currently in dev but it looks very promising with the Pokémon sweatshops and guns
    Edit: forgot the slavery part

  9. This is way more realistic than the original pokemon games.

  10. join the army to be real be real pokemon fighter

  11. Charizard has appeared!
    Trainer: I can’t defeat this:Gun come out!
    Charizard has become dead

  12. I was not prepared to learn of the existence of a pikashooter

  13. How comes the attacks of the pokemons in this game are better looking than the attacks in the official games?

  14. PC: It's a Kabutops!

    Me: Make it extinct again.

    PC: *Guns down Kabutops* Look! It's extinct again!

    Me: My man.

  15. I love how it’s supposed to be like sad to see Pokémon die but none of the Kanto Pokémon I actually care about were in this vid sooo

  16. Alternate title If Pokemon was in America

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