The Secret to Controller Aiming (In-Depth) -

The Secret to Controller Aiming (In-Depth)

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  1. Small creators always create the best stuff, this is exactly what I've been looking for! Thanks!

  2. Playing claw is a horrible idea for long hours often you will end up needing surgery

  3. You are a legend for this advice bro. I’m going to sub to you. Cheers bro 😎

  4. I never thought about thumb placement when playing anything. It’s like driving a car, you need the prefect seat position for you to accurately manipulate the clutch, brake, and gas. Same thing with pads. Even if your playing smash, using the fat joint in your thumb may be better for flicks and quicker movements but for control you want the last two smaller joints controlling the stick. You can feel it by just holding it. Don’t even need to play anything.

  5. Yo man this was a game changer for me. Don’t you do anymore YouTube content?

  6. Ngl i tried this shit and im still ass 😭👎🏼

  7. You don't play competitive FPS with controllers. Period.

  8. It depends on how your hands are built. Scump can do it because he has weird long flexible hands. It will be a lot harder to master claw if your hands are not shaped for it and it will feel more uncomfortable. My best theory.

  9. How do they do it? Aimbot mostly 🙂

  10. Been doing this for an hour now. Big difference. Thank you

  11. i can't get it to stop where i wan it to be. one moment i'm looking at my feet, the other i'm looking at the sky.
    37 years old and i am a pc user, (i only used consoles up to 16-bit era), i am using controller on pc for more than 20 years and still i can only play side-scrolling platformers properly.

    i am also xcloud user, and it forces me to use controller because of the kb&m support which supposedly should have come more than a year ago. it drives me nuts.

  12. This is actually correct. It's the horizontal movement that is most important and having your thumb in that position you'll have better control over that.

  13. Mutex is not good, have u seen diazbiffle??

  14. This has helped me you don’t even know how much

  15. makes sense and i think it takes time to be adjusted in that position

  16. Great Video my man, can you upload your controller settings?

  17. It’s crazy how something SO SIMPLE goes over your head 😂😂 I never thought of this.

  18. After watching both of your vids, I've hit some insane shots that makes me look like I'm cheating. MWIII '23

  19. Not a shooting game player. It this is so awesome. I appreciate u taking the time to explain. The joint stuff made me slap my forehead and say duh.😊

  20. never seen someone talking about thumbs, thank you

  21. Learning to master coping with a controller; why no just use a mouse?

  22. honestly something that worked for me (on xbox controller) all i do is just like follow my thumb stick with my eyes i have my eyes glued to the crosshair which templates over the thumb stick and after some practice it improves

  23. Id love shooter game so much on phone im so sad i cant play fps games on ps5 cause i still cant aim 🙁

  24. mans dropped the greats video of all time n disappeared lmao hope ur doing well doomsday every time i take a break from cod i end up going back to my old thumb placement and i always rewatch this video

  25. @Doomsdayguy Bruh you talk soooo much of what's irrelevant, this video finnnnnaly got to the point at 4:40 ish and I dead ass thought it's been 10 minutes already. This shoulda been a 2 min video, take these notes for free and use it to grow the channel more. I'm not tryina be mean, it's a genuine tip. Interesting advice on this one.

    And yeah do I know it's a year old video but I just saw it and felt like I should leave a comment, so let's not go there.

  26. I always come back to This video when my aim feels rusty thank u I hope u come out with a part 3❤️

  27. CoD has really easy aiming for dps game overall…even now in mw3 with such a big controller aim assist it's almost impossible to get the precision of mouse aiming….and that's for mw3….I havent even checked if cs2 has controller option but I'd love to see controller players thrive there 😂

  28. actual advice starts at 3:00 and it's pretty much just your thumb placement. this video could have been 15 seconds…

  29. That has to do with deadzone. Low deadzone players can treat the analog like a mouse compared to high deadzone players who have to flick the stick for registration

  30. This is well explained! Thumb placement solves the problem! Thank you!

  31. I have tried controllers and the mouse control sucks. I have been using a Sailtek x52 (logitech Logitech x52) joystick and mouse for over 20 years and it is the best, it has all the programable buttons you ever need on one hand and full joystick movement and your other hand is free to use the mouse. I have my joystick mounted beside my right thigh and my small mouse pad mounted beside my left thigh like a little helipad and it is very comfortable for hours of gaming.

  32. Not gonna lie that hand placement looks like carpeltunnel in 5 years. As a welder for years, it only takes a couple years holding your hands in awkward position to screw you for life.

  33. Good tips but the video could be a lot shorter !

  34. Dude, you're a G. I've been playing CoD for over 20 years, and I've always had a decent K/D. Usually a 2.0-2.20 k/d. Over the last few years, my aim has been going down. I tried the setting, and thumb technique in some private lobbies. I noticed an insane improvement. I never realized my thumb angle was so crucial. I always shoot first, and have a good position in fights, but my movement was always mid, and my aim (to my standards) was not good enough. This is going to bring back passion for multiplayer games, because I can be snapping to people. I appreciate the video. Wish more people made content like this.

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