The Top FPS Games Coming in 2022 -

The Top FPS Games Coming in 2022

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The Multiplayer FPS scene was disappointing in 2021, but 2022 will have a lot of great FPS games coming!


  1. So call of duty went from copying and pasting its own games to blatantly stealing game modes from other titles… Nice.

  2. Beyond the Wire.. holy shit that game annoyes me, i played the early access. left a Moderate review saying the Spec Requirements are wrong and need to be a fixed. to get banned, Unbanned then banned for having the Pride flag in my Discord Pic. hope that game keeps costing them money to the point they close the servers,

  3. i sure do love 3 mins of pure darkness and music

  4. There's a First Person Shooter PC game that i'm searching for i'm confusing it with the game titled F.E.A.R, your character makes his way out of a dark building into the street, there's cars and a few human dead soldiers who just stand there, you then enter the building (maybe its a church?) After opening the door a dude talks to you surrounded with soldiers, you thereafter kill all the enemies who shoot at you. Afterwards you fall through the floor to go to the next area. It's definitely a horror fps game but i forgot the title of the game what's it called? It has a dark atmosphere

  5. Unfortunately '83 is just RS2V with new paint. AKA reskin. Thats the biggest problem with games today, they just give them new paint and call it new.

  6. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 Esdras 2: 30 -100 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  7. MW2 😂 They literally slapped fanboys in the face with this one. They recycle their game every year, dressing it up as a new one. Now they're also recycling a title. 🤣🤣 Can't wait for more pink guns that all sound the same and maps with copy/pasted bouncing castles.

  8. Lol bf2042 and cod are completely dead… The people who made the games we used to love are long gone. Skill based matchmaking along with Cross play from console to PC has single handily ruined gaming

  9. Anyone watching this look up operation harsh doorsstop is a fps game made by players for players. I have nothing against PC players, it's just the fact how trashed your community is with hackers, it's like playing with a cancer/virus. No matter what u do your gonna get burned sooner or later. It's so upsetting

  10. I love tarkov but I hope they do it right because I can see it being filled with people doing 360's sliding and hopping around lol but I would definitely like to see a more serious game mode like tarkov from activision.

  11. I hope we will get a bit of new information on ArmA4 next year. At least.

  12. BF4 on my series x is all I need. WW3 on console would be great though.

  13. Wait noone looking foward ti 2042 next year …surpised

  14. I'm so excited for STALKER 2, the originals pretty much sat the standard and Inspiration for the modern Survival games genre. I know we getting a MP mode, but it would be amazing to see a Coop experience in STALKER 2 at some point. And I hope they are keeping mod support, as that's what been keeping the STALKER series alive the last decade.

  15. I really enjoy Tarkov, but I would love a slightly more casual experience. I also like Vigor, but it feels too far the other way. Something in between those two would be awesome. Though the fact of the matter is, if MW2 comes out and Kotick is still at the company, they don't get my money. Simple as that. Either way I'm excited for what hopefully will be a trend of Tarkov-like games in 22-23 as companies take stabs at that market.

  16. Here is a problem that I have that may be worth a video. I'm a casual FPS player and I'm usually playing mainstream games such as Battlefield or COD. Right now I feel there is so much out there in regards to FPS and so many that are broken. Many offering a better experience for old titles than the new. As a result I find that I am bouncing from BF2042 to COD, to Hell Let Loose. None of them are satisfying right now and since I'm spreading myself too thin across these games my performance is below par. So in regards to a video idea I would love a video that tells me what most people are happily playing right now, what's worth full focus and investment of my time whether its a current or even an old title. I'm primary a console player and with the new COD and BF titles that just came out and feel broken I feel I'm in limbo land grasping at straws. What do you recommend that is worth my time right now? Thanks for putting out great content. Keep it up.

  17. Ready or not is a snooze fest 😴😴😴 no thanks

  18. I'm surprised you didn't mention WW3, personally that's the game I'm really hyped for, it's gonna be free to play on PC and console and it's similar to battlefield

  19. i want ready or not on ps4. we dont have any good cqb games

  20. Is there anything like tarkov but for consoles? Except hunt showdown

  21. That under the door gun is absurd. Rainbow Six Siege is a fairytale premise. Sweep and clear lasts moments. Because the shooters aren’t computer powered and people are afraid to die.

  22. Nice video! I hope to see 2042 make a turn around in 2022 as well, hopefully dice has seen the response from the community and make some changes

  23. Um does anyone know the game playing in the background???

  24. Having both Insurgency: Sandstorm and Hell Let Loose coming to console was a big deal in 2021! Finally more realistic and strategic, teamplay focused FPSs on console. As a console player I wasn`t disappointed with 2021 at all.

  25. Thank you for doing this video, I have an Xbox one S, and I’m completely over Caldera. IMO Caldera has ruined Warzone / call of duty. Trying to fill that void is proving difficult.

  26. great list and some more Milsim type FPS titles are coming & some of the already released like 1) BLACK ONE : BLOOD BROTHERS 2) DIRECT CONTACT 3) IGI ORIGINS 4) ARMA 4 that already u said 👍

  27. Bruh what, Ready Or Not's AI is truly bad. And is 100% getting delayed because of the AI, the lack of character and the amount of bugs.

  28. ''The AI is responsive and intelligent''. Yeah sure….

  29. R͟a͟f͟a͟e͟l͟B͟G͟ᴷ͟ⁱ͟ⁿ͟ᴳ͟ says:

    1:35 wait wait wait what game is that

  30. Did hell let loose make the list? It should make any and every list 🔥🔥

  31. The fun factor dosent exist anymore in fps games , its all about realistic shooter and wich game can look and feel more real ? Boring …. miss playing Unreal Tournament , Doom, old Cod, old BF, TitanFall 1-2 etc when you needed good skills and reflexes , it wasnt just about "The footsteps" wich is the dumbest concept ever , earing footsteps louder then guns shooting close to you …. games are getting more and more boring , same ol same ….
    Imo , dont get upset because someone as another opinion , its life 🤣🤦‍♂️

  32. good thing this drought of gpus is happening at the same time no good new games are being made anyway

  33. Basically I want a single player or coop tarkov at this point so yeah… stalker please

  34. what other singleplayer fps games are coming?

  35. It seems like arcade shooters are dead now. I'm noticing alot or tactical and more realistic shooters. I'm gonna miss those short TTK and adrenaline filled fire fights. I remember when styling used to be a craze.

  36. Hell let loose should have been on this list ready or not is awesome though Just got it and love it

  37. STALKER 2, Exomecha and Scorn sounds interesting

  38. Think an old battle Royale where ppl kill ea other with swords would be cool.

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