The Ultimate Guide to NES Light Guns | Gaming Historian -

The Ultimate Guide to NES Light Guns | Gaming Historian

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What’s the history of light gun games? How does the Zapper work? What other light guns worked on the Nintendo Entertainment System? How many games were compatible? In this video, I try to cover everything. This is the Ultimate Guide to NES Light Guns!

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00:00 – Intro
01:17 – A Brief History of Light Guns
11:53 – How Does the Zapper Work?
16:54 – 3rd Party NES Light Guns
28:12 – Light Gun-Required NES Games
43:02 – Light Gun-Optional NES Games
54:25 – Outro / Credits

Special thanks to the Roanoke Pinball Museum for their “Shoot The Bear” footage –

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  1. My man just made this video so he could flex his PVM 😜

  2. Bob Dole: "Kids be getting killed. Put orange plugs on your toy guns."


  3. Oh man, I still have a copy of To The Earth. It is an infuriating game and I spent many a night trying to get further in it. By the time I hit Junior High, I had given up.

  4. Anyone know the type of TV Norm uses here? It looks amazing for retro gaming.

  5. "Now you don't have to fire."
    Starts having AVGN flashbacks

  6. Am I the only one the realize why they used the license of the Bill character?, it was obviously meant to be a Mario rip off but someone from legal, or even Nintendo themselves informed them that if they used a Mario likeness the game would not be on the NES so someone with a really good memory of that show came up with the idea to use an IP from 30 years prior that would still let them use the exact same likeness but with %100 legal immunity

  7. Did your wife try the Laser Scope since she has a smaller head?

  8. I can't believe I watched this whole thing. Oh wait I'm 40

  9. Golly, I love this channel. It's like a college professor teaching me about game history I loved and grew up with. I lived it, and it's impressive as hell.

  10. I played the shyte out of Baby Boomer. Such an addicting game.

  11. Zapper mod make is a short barrel and never miss a shot. I beat to the earth this way 😆

  12. Fun fact I remember from my childhood with the NES light gun and duck Hunt, if you had the controller in the first player slot you could control the ducks with it while the second player slot manner the zapper!!

  13. 11:22 Reading the article, it says retarded kid shot and killed. Now, you can’t even say that.

  14. 26:08 just remember beavis(and butt-head) back then going crazy with this thing yeling FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!!! lol

  15. Screen lag, eh? I always thought the reason it didn't work was because there aren't electrons being beamed out of the cathode gun as they are on a CRT on LCD/plasma etc. I guess adding lag is how the newer retro system guns were made to work with flat panel TVs

  16. Yo the Video Shooter was legit. I had 4 different guns and that was my favorite and was extremely accurate if you knew how to use it. I can also say from a LOT of experience that you can absolutely dive around behind the couch, pop up and shoot and be accurate. Step your game up and don't spread lies🙃 jk but seriously, as long as you lined the top of the aiming reticle circle with the top of the iron sight you're money every shot.

  17. I still have the grey and the orange gun, plus the NES system

  18. Why am I finding out right now that you can control the ducks😭😭😭 WHY!!!!!!!!!!

  19. ouch, bless thomas hong's heart, as well as his big head

  20. Panel de Pon, Tetris Attack, Pokémon Puzzle League history!

  21. You video is very entertaining and informative. About a year ago I acquired a Video Blaster but I did not know who manufactured it as it has no identifying marks, until watching your video. Thank you Gaming Historian!

  22. wait doesnt it make it the first "video" game then that Rifle game from the 30s???????

  23. You can also control the DUCKS with the controller on DUCK HUNT

  24. Oh god… dont tell me LJN actually invented CTF game mode xD

  25. 25:38 Now your mom can make her important phone calls, at least until you start screaming: "FIRE! …FIRE! …FIRE!" or since to shoot it was enough for the microphone to detect any sound also: "BANANA! …FBI! …CANDY! …PROCTOLOGIST!

    That will surely be an interesting call

  26. Teach me everything sir! well.. not everything… but you know what I mean

  27. Omg the death blocks are in the avgn so that's where they came from

  28. Growing up I played a lot of track and field 2, and I also owned a zapper, but I had no idea whatsoever there was a shooting mini game

  29. Gun peripherals are awesome, I wish they were more common

  30. My dad let me pick a NES game for xmas when i was a kid and I chose Gotcha. I was kind of disappointed. But my brother chose Mike Tysons Punch Out so we had a lot of fun with that.

  31. I'm surprised there isn't a modded console or cartridges to allow compatibility with flat panel TVs

  32. "oh good now we can all play a game of gotcha" – Bill Clinton (probably with a light gun, 🤷🤣)

  33. It’s a shame that no game manufacturers will ever release a “gun” for a video game system ever again.

  34. I love this channel!! It’s perfect for doc junkies like me who love that old school “PBS vibe”

  35. Still got it. And when I bought the Wii, then for the first time I was thinking: hey how is it possible this ancient tech works actually? Lol! I was so confused how this gun could interact with a screen without, like the Wii, with another part of the Wii :))

  36. Your zapper doesn't sound the same as mine did.
    Mine had a loud tinny Twing nosie coming from its interior whenever I pulled the trigger. I always wondered why.

  37. I only remember the game Shooting Range because me and my elementary school friend were looking through his Game Genie code book to find the most perverted-sounding game names.

  38. 28:12 You mean you have to use your hands? That's like a baby's toy!

  39. Once you brought out the Konami laser scope I instantly thought I was going to see a AVGN reference in here

  40. Reminds me of the AVGN episode…. "fire! Fire! Fire!…fuck. fuck? Fuck!!!!

  41. Just imagine if that N-Zapper Light Gun can be used as a real gun, firing pixelated light bullets at the enemy.😊

  42. So, the zapper got a paint job because a senator helped pass a law because a child got killed by police incompetence….ffs….

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