The 'Virtuix Omni' Actually Lets You Run Around Video Games -

The ‘Virtuix Omni’ Actually Lets You Run Around Video Games

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The Virtuix Omni is a virtual reality gaming platform that lets you walk, run, and move around like you’re actually in the game.

It’s hands down the most immersive gaming experience we’ve seen so far. The simulator is currently available to pre-order at $499.

Just strap yourself into the Virtuix Omni platform, put on the Oculus Rift headset, and get ready to run. You have to physically move your body to advance in whatever game you’re playing.

So, with the help of CEO Jan Goetgeluk and his Virtuix Omni team, we headed over to the Engadget Expand conference to experience first-hand how this platform works.


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  1. I think most people get motion sickness after a few minutes of play. I never considered that until I had a go, shame.

  2. Here we go ready player one that movie is real

  3. Ready player one here we go. It begins….

  4. This would take Call of Duty to a whole new level.

  5. First time i see this real… But i think it in a different idea…
    How about under foot a rolling ball on in machine… So we can easily run..
    And belts holding our body in correct position..
    Gameplay excellent

  6. 1TGF43T1TGFFGT143TR UEFHROWHEF0931434 says:

    Will be launch on 2023 or 2027.
    just saved your money , they had greenlight on market last 3 years ago.

  7. The user: it's hard
    The creator: it's not

    (Difference between user and creator)

  8. The thing is a cheap piece of shit, let us know when you have actual RP1 omnidirectional treadmills and stop pushing out shit products.

  9. Closed caption this one and read the first sentence. 😂

  10. Is a garbage, no Google, no meta, you free is your, the world go to the grong way, but you have decisión

  11. That standing Base design looks awfully familiar

  12. I remember that i watching film movie jhony english rowan atkinson 😅

  13. I am scared that people will stop physically interacting with each other just playing and indulged in VR.
    But wait
    Ronaldo: •••

  14. They had this is ready player one .. Imagine combining this with PS or Xbox and now Facebook Metaverse .

  15. An omnidirectional treadmill would work too. Or just a 'run' button on the gun or whatever joystick for VR could work too. Barely one finger will be engaged. For fitness though this look better but imagine a flying kick will playing fifa. These gadget has a lot to evolve yet

  16. This is gonna be good for shooters but you cant crouch

  17. The people who disliked it r just jealous they can't try it

  18. I’m here to get my brain ready for metaverse 🌎

  19. Getting some shrooms and microdosing caps hasn't been easy here in Oakland…any idea on where I can get or one who can supply?

  20. I didn't come to see the video, but to bring a message, the coming of Jesus Christ is near, repent of your sins and believe in the gospel of Jesus, Jesus is the only way.

  21. Playing with this would probably ruin my running technique

  22. I don't want to have to walk on it like it's a damn exercise machine

  23. Who the hell wants to stand up and walk and run to play video games that's too much like exercise you're supposed to be having fun and relaxing not exercising

  24. I likes this glasses it's so cool👍👍

  25. Can wait to see what later iterations of this will look like. I think it become even more like just regular walking without that clunky belt and mass around the torso

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  28. It’s like these people have never played Call of Duty before. Damn tourists

  29. I want open like as a shop so plz suggest me plz

  30. I come from the future 😂 this is bullshit

  31. Better then this is to have the virtual space maped to the real room your in, so you can IN ACTUALITY RUN, because the place is maped to the map of the game, with obstacles and all of corse

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