they added GUN GAME in Roblox Bedwars.. -

they added GUN GAME in Roblox Bedwars..

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  1. the time when tanqr sad stone sword to iron sword

  2. TANQR never miss a shot when he uses the bow/crossbow

  3. Tanqr
    I have a question
    What is the best way to start in solos

  4. I buy your merch buddy mask and hood in roblox and i change my display name to Tanqr_night im a big fan of you now love your vids lets get to 3M Subscribers💙💙💙

  5. Only OGs will remember tanqrs aim in arsenal

  6. Tanqr didn't play Arsenal for 1 year still remember golden knife epix

  7. not to hate or anything but whenever he dies he cuts out the video with editing. and when he kills them he doesn't. I think he rages some times

  8. I want you to play arsanal again…. please

  9. Can you please some Arsenal plssss

  10. The paint gun it’s my fav item

    Bro that's a iron sword are you on something

    P.S he said it in the end


    the mode is pretty good and one thing i hate is that when u hit someone off the map it take 20 years for them to die cuz of anticheat


    Hey man just wanted to let you know that if your tired of bedwars feel free to switch content! We will always stick around no matter what content you make! Have a good day and don’t forget to take breaks!

  14. Gun game is like More chaotic than 30v30 or 40v40

  15. Did anyone realize that some people from the last round he played is back

  16. It was an iron sword … not a stone sword

  17. Wait… if it's gun game then why is a pan and a baguette in it?

  18. 7:39 mins in u said a stone sword ITS AN IRON SWORD TANQR

  19. “Its like the golden knife of bedwars.”
    Not the arsenal reference we wanted, but the arsenal reference we needed.

  20. Gun game is an easy game.
    ( in my opinion )

  21. I miss his arsenal videos :(( but im glad hes moved on

  22. idk if anyone knows this but each weapon u get you get back at full hp like if you are 17 hp and u get a kill you will be back at full hp

  23. This mode is like arsenal but with more melee weapons

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