This Gunman VR Game Added Brutal Blood Realism Mods! -

This Gunman VR Game Added Brutal Blood Realism Mods!

Walk The Plank
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Gunman VR (Half Life Alyx Mod) is back! With realism mods!…LEGO!!

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This Gunman VR Game Added Brutal Blood Realism Mods!

#readyornot #WalkThePlank #funny

Please watch: “I am a PSYCHO Swat Team Leader..”


  1. This just makes me want ready or not vr lmao

  2. its funbny to think that VR games allow you to become just straight up psychopathic funny how people had a agenda against GTA back in the day but these are not even commented on, personally theres not a more fun thing to do than just fuck around and shoot shit in VR, good to see that people are seeing games as games and not taking them for a means that people will think it's real then do the same IRL

  3. YouTube's priorities:

    You can depict people getting shot and blood gushing everywhere, but you can't say the f word in the beginning of the video

  4. Fery gud modf fafafsffffafffffffaf ffafffff

  5. I playing this game in pico 4 vr. It is czary🤨🤨

  6. May i ask what vr headset do you use and how much does it cost if u dont mind

  7. How do I get this game for my oculus 2?

  8. The guys in yellow suits are ICU from half life so yeah

  9. Oh, even smells Russian! Имба))

  10. it's the first time in years I have commented on somebody's video. I loved your video ❤ You are really nailing it. You earned yourself a subscriber ✨

  11. just subbed i love this video makes me want to play it right now KEEP IT UP ❤❤❤❤

  12. The music 🎉🎉🎉😊😊😊 the video💀💀💀☠️☠️☠️

  13. in what way doeth thome athian guy from the united thtateth look like heth from the thoviet union? lmao

  14. 5:11 to 5:16 " this is my bucket there's a lot of buckets like this but this one is mine"

  15. Where did the glock mod come from? I would prefer that over the base 1911

  16. Me seeing this wishing I had the money for this shit

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