This Gunman VR Game is WAY TOO REALISTIC -

This Gunman VR Game is WAY TOO REALISTIC

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Virtual Reality continues to impress me more and and more every single day. And this is a prime example of the direction VR is going and how incredible it will be in the years to come. Just can’t believe what’s already being put out in the year of 2022.

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  1. 4:01 I’m no medical expert but I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t inject yourself with a needle that was in the Toilet😂

  2. If John Wick had a son, this guy would be him.

  3. Amidiate dislike. Bro said 45 seconds in "let me reload the clip here"

  4. “I fEeL liKe joHn WiCK” bruh… this mf trying to act like he wasn’t trained by him or is him with a voice changer 💀💀💀

  5. Why is all vr crappy, you cant go ads, unlimited ammo and you cant pick up dropped weapons.

  6. I would propose people to go and play a laser tag game instead. That is actually way more immersive then this. In laser tag you dont hit ever time you fire just by pointing the weapon in people directions you need to learn how to aim and you almost ever time shoot a bunch of shoots like tracer rounds so that you hit them at last. Depending on the distance of course.

  7. imagine someone creates a john wick game like this

  8. well then there john wick lol just go in gun going off lol

  9. What is the name of this game and what syster is it on

  10. You cant seem to decide through thos video whether you want us to think its the first time youve played it or not lol

  11. Imagine how cool this game would be if it was actually realistic

  12. seems memorized af. if so needs more random spawning 🥱

  13. It's pretty obvious this guy played the hell out of this level before recordign this so he could "look cool" because he was thrown off when the enemy that usually follows you into the tv room didnt come in this playthrough. So pathetic

  14. I litteraly said in my head « is this guy john wick ? » then u said « i kinda feel like john wick at this point » like 3 secondes after

  15. I am afraid this type of games and the realism desensitize us as Human Beings

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  17. Should check out some pavlov clips, its multiplayer online and its a little more realistic, at least some of the game modes are, check out some of my videos if you like shooter games in vr.

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