This new game has real life graphics... -

This new game has real life graphics…

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This is the most realistic game ever. Unrecord is a new tactical shooter FPS game on Unreal Engine 5 which looks real. Interesting mechanics in this one, let’s take a look! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  1. Looks great ,fps from bodycam no thanx too disorienting

  2. This is what gta 6 should fucking look like.

  3. Me knowing someone would need a 10000 dollar pc just to get to the loading screen 💀💀💀

  4. 😮I'm not even into games, never have been…but THIS IS INCREDIBLE!

  5. what if robots or aliens are fighting in ukraine and this is Cias way to get free soldiers' through a game

  6. I only seen a minute and I already want them to take my wallet. Now, can it do VR?

  7. I think the only thing cgi is the player and enemies it looks like they added that into real scenes. I could be wrong.

  8. now all they gotta do is make a vr version

  9. Wow – it looks amazing. Computer games are better than contemporary modern art.

  10. and i thought matrix awakens demo looked real, this is just mind blowing, i had a sinclair zx81 when i was young, it had 1KB of memory which meant that it would crash after typing 1000 letters on the screen, i am 53 now, go and check out a zx81 game

  11. Feels a bit like metro exodus I played awhile ago today

  12. I don’t want games to look like real life, I play games to get away from real life 😂😂😂

  13. A game so realistic it makes you question the ethics…

  14. For me I think this game is good I love how realistic it is but blood no matter how violent it gets it looks so real

  15. Man… idc what it looks like, we won't be able to play this gamr on our 3050tis 😂😂😂😂

  16. Bro Imagine that Graphics are gonna get so good that you cant see a diffrencse

  17. imagine the game would need only a gtx 540

  18. The running is what gave it away that's when I could actually tell it was a video game.

    Okay at the more you look at it the more it looks like a video game.

  19. Tell them to make those opponnet AI so its more lively and can respond themselves

  20. Вот такая графика должна была быть в Starfield.А в итоге , получили просто шлак, за огромные деньги .

  21. That looks so freaky watching a realistic looking charaacter randomly emptying a gun. It just feels unsettling. 3:25

  22. I still refuse to believe it’s real, won’t believe it until it’s actually proven

  23. I think we have been able to do this a while but have downgraded movies and games a tad so the public wouldn’t think of other ways they may be using this type of technology

  24. this will be fortnite in 2025

  25. How such a leap in graphics from everything else on the market

  26. come on you really belive this airsoft sesion

  27. The enviornment is perfect for a "realistic" view too. It's a dirty abandoned building. There are other scenerios where it woudl be very difficult to sell it as real, and/or tax the hell out of the video card. An active amusement park comes to mind.

  28. I have seen videos like this since the early 2000's. And games never end up looking like this. Ever. It's fascinating.

  29. About time they start using this kind of tech to make it look real

  30. This far surpasses ready player one. Are we ready for this? Mind blown. 😮

  31. Is it really a game? The opinions are divided!

  32. whats the game called again? i WANNA WISHLIST

  33. Ever since this games release a couple years ago it blows my mind how effective Gaussian Splatting can be. I mean when call of duty added it to their battle royal they had to slap a M rating on it because was so hyper realistic, I know I'm not the only one that finds that hilarious. Then when they added it to movies and now all these props can just be rendered into movies and it dropped production time paired with AI photo rendering by 2/3's and lowered cost by 1/2. I am so happy Meteorite made this game, the story is… Ehhhh, but who really cares about Oscar, all anyone cared about were the graphics.

  34. it doesnt really look like irl, just seems a bit off to me

  35. if you think this is how real life graphics is you have to touch grass :DDD
    also the game suck hard. who cares about graphics when gameplay sucks hard? lol

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