Tony Yayo on 50 Cent's Security Shooting Game's Entourage at Hot97 (Part 16) -

Tony Yayo on 50 Cent’s Security Shooting Game’s Entourage at Hot97 (Part 16)

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In this clip, Tony Yayo talks about the infamous shootout between 50 Cent’s crew and The Game’s crew at Hot 97 and the consequences that followed. From there, the 44-year-old rapper from Queens states that he wished both sides never quarreled with one another because they could have made a lot of money together on tour.


  1. I think it’s safe to safe that this guy is in love with 50.

  2. Vlad breaking this interview down like how enzymes break down food in your stomach.

  3. "sprinklers coming out the ground, l was happy!" Yayo really appreciated turning his life around & living the American dream!! He's 100% right about egos too.

  4. You can't be mad at Yayo. Dude told you he came from the struggle and now living the dream. He's thankful for the people that put him on and thankful for the situation he's in. That's how it supposed to be

  5. AYO VLAD… We appreciate the good interviews, but at this point you breaking them down too much man…. We understand it generates more views for you, but cut it out man. Drop the whole video

  6. He said sprinklers comin out the ground type money lmao

  7. Yayo always been the real one in that whole squad

  8. He said he had an ego in the part about henchman🤔

  9. Vlad the type of guy to eat his cereal with a knife and fork to make it last longer

  10. This interview is trying to put dropped glass back together.

  11. He will release it in full later. This is so he can make small money in between his big long videos that make the most money. He wants constant revenue. Duh

  12. Vlad: here we go, tony yayo aka dookie mouth

  13. Salute 🫡. 2:03 he said he used to get the Beef patty with Coco Bread 🍞. Real Jamaican🇯🇲 street hustlers Food. Shout out to All New Yorkers that Love Jamaican 🇯🇲 Food. Big up from Yaud!!

  14. Beef pstties and cocobread and a champagne cola if you lucky.

  15. When it comes to Barz who you got Yayo or Banks. Me I got Banks No Chase!

  16. I always loved yayo even before these viral interviews! Finnaly👋👐

  17. Niggas don’t know about that beef patty with coconut bread combo

  18. Beef Patty & Cocoa Bread 🍞 sun had me right there yo.

  19. still getting that beef patty with the coco bread on the block

  20. Beef Pattie & Coco bread 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💥

  21. Glad milking it with this interview. Tomorrow he will upload a 1 minute video😄.

  22. Beef patty coco bread lol he's a legend for that.

  23. Yayo referring to himself in the third person is hilarious

  24. From coco bread and pattie to traveling the world got two houses made millions I be so greatful for that’s a blessing we island people appreciate good things no matter how small it is

  25. amazing curve! vlad asked about the hot 97 shooting and yayo completely went off topic but no one noticed

  26. Instantly Vlad goes to have Yayo implicate himself, he's not even trying anymore to hide the badge….

  27. Man when you come from the block to birds chirping and sprinklers sprinkling. Mama we made it fk ah ego… I rocks wit yayo

  28. Great way not to get G unit indicted call them "Security" 🧠

  29. A Game mixtape was Vlads first ever project and it was while Game was with G-Unit

  30. Yall gtta be able to read between the lines and what he's saying about his boy 50 and his ego and how he prevented so many people from eating or getting their own bag

  31. After the game friend got shot there are a report that game was shaken up and crying.

  32. Always love yayo interviews
    Understated dude
    Comes across easy going but would never cross that dude
    He’s 50 right hand man
    That’s for a reason

  33. Vlad the type to make his point and yell over anyone else that's in discussion lol

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