Top 10 Arcade Style Run and Gun Games -

Top 10 Arcade Style Run and Gun Games
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Once upon a time, dodging and returning gunfire was the name of the game. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Arcade style Run and Gun Games. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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  1. Metal SLug deserves the number 1 spot, plain and simple. No other on that list comes close

  2. my best gaming is Sunset Riders and Metal Slug

  3. Metal Slug (3) should have been number 1.

  4. Hmm.., i think the best title of the Contra-Franchise was the version on Genesis.

  5. Gunstar Heroes shits on Metal Slug… Sorry, both good games, but Gunstar Heroes brought a dying genre back for the time it was out. Run And Guns were in a coma and they were going to pull the plug and Gunstar Heroes brought that shit out of a coma.

  6. I prefer the run and gun games made by the Japanese.

  7. wow narc had insane graphics for a 1988 game

  8. Never thought Gunstar Heroes would make Number 1 on any list. That game REALLY takes me back. The World of Longplays channel has a 2-Player Co-Op run with both players maintaining sync when striking a pose prior to the "Stage Clear" sign popping up on levels where both players are able to move on foot.

  9. it would have been good if you mentioned the platforms these games were in :/

  10. The Genesis and Amiga versions of Turrican are better than the SNES one.

  11. Gunstar Heroes is one of my all time favorite games

  12. Bloody Wolf from Data East Arcade and PC Engine

  13. Who else is watching when Cuphead is a thing?

  14. #'s 1,2,3 should be Metal Slug 1,2,3. No contenders.

  15. Dude, Contra is the mother of run and gun, it should be #1!

  16. Broforce is the best movie crossover ever.

  17. You simply never run out of amo in these games😃

  18. HELP I'VE BEEN WRECKING MY NERVES SINCE I SAW CUPHEAD, IT WAS A GAME VERY SIMILAR TO CUPHEAD. I played it around early 2000s in arcade only. The only thing i can remember there is also a type of gun that shoots forward and backward and the beginning of the 2nd stage after defeating the first boss was the ground collapses and you are in a slide.. o god. someone helppp

  19. Top ## Run 'n Gun franchises:
    – Contra (Konami)
    – Metal Slug (SNK)
    – Shock Troopers (Saurus/SNK)
    – Gun Force (Irem)
    – Gunstar Heroes (Treasure/Sega)
    – Turrican
    – Rolling Thunder (Namco)
    – Ikari Warriors (SNK)

    Best Run 'n Gun one hit release
    – Midnight Resistance (Data East)
    – Heavy Barrel (Data East)
    – Rapid Reload
    – Alien Soldier (Treasure/Sega)
    – Sunset Raiders (Konami)
    – Sly Spy (Data East)
    – Mystic Warriors (Konami)
    – Cyber-Lip (SNK)
    – Guerrilla War (SNK)

  20. People always forget ALISIA DRAGOON , such an overlooked gem of game.

  21. Did anyone else play Alien Hominid on browser?

  22. If only cuphead was released at the time of this video's release

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