Top 10 Best First-Person Shooters On PS4 -

Top 10 Best First-Person Shooters On PS4

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The top ten best FPSs on PlayStation 4! Action blockbuster campaigns, World War Two battlefields, free-to-play battle royales, online multiplayer shooters and everything in between. Here are 10 of our top recommendations – let us know if you agree or which games you think should make the list in the comments!

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  1. The second game is the SAME exact as Apex Legends

  2. If you have not played Borderlands 3 i highly recommend it

  3. Your waching this but you dont have PS4 👁👄👁……..

  4. I got 12 mins. 1,2, wow .me and on a bs note ps network is down 4-27-21…ugh

  5. Ones I'd add
    1. Strange brigade
    2. Earthfall
    3. Battlefield 1
    4. Wolfenstien : the old blood

  6. Booker Dewitt has left the room…

  7. I thought titan fall was apex legends 💀 why do they look so alike?

  8. I have widowmaker golden gun so I get to play her!

  9. Warface and its free! Killzone 2 and 3 from ps now.

  10. Loved this vid but i am angry at rainbow six sieg well coos it diden, t mention that i had to pay for playing the gam i can only play the training part and yehh… But its my opinion and i love that you put apex in there

  11. Old but still. Take borderlands 3 off there. It is a terable game just all around and i will argue about it. Just out right a terable game and waste of money. I could of had more fun not playing it.

  12. Titanfall 2 is my favourite game except horizon zero dawn

  13. Prey 2017?
    Battlefield V is ok at best,Far cry 5 is meh pretty biased list tbh

  14. my modern warfare wont start for ps4. its stuck on the first loading screen. do you know how i may be able to fix this

  15. COD is so hard using a DS controller. Is it only me or do other players use mouse and keyboard?

  16. Good thing MW was number 10 because it barely even deserves to be on here. Game is pretty much unplayable at this point

  17. That intro was funny as hell , good job man.

  18. Im a big fan of fps games but what i like the most is COD mw2 and COD ww2

  19. Im still stuck on CSS… still the greatest game of all time in my opinion.. simple and to the point….

  20. Destiny 2 are not free to play its cost 25 cent

  21. This guy sounds like like jacksepyeye

  22. I’m pretty sure they have an edit any Quinquin to destiny two cents they separated from activation and release do you know the freedom play version no thanks but seasons which are just rescanned weapons and risk and I’m in seasons are not contact it’s just for ways to make money off you

  23. Bruh none of these are exclusively on PlayStation.

  24. Wolfenstein New Order is the best game I have ever played in my entire life

  25. In my opinion, its dumb that they rated battlefield 5 16 and r6s 18

  26. Endy (FireBreathers and Fall Out Boy's Fan) says:

    Best FPS Game with realistic features:

    1. Battlefield 2042
    2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
    3. Tom Clancy's (any of it's series)

  27. Where is warfare 🥲
    My favourite fps game

  28. For anyone who loves Star Wars, Battlefront 2 is one of the best

  29. I'm not going to knock anybody for what they like…. but I can say what I don't like and I definitely am not a big fan of multiplayer …..that's always since I've known of video games that's always been a mode inside of a video game not something that you make an entire video game for….. so if nobody else wants to play this game at the same time that I do I can't play the game? You see where that can get a bit aggravating? How long do you shoot people over and over and over again until it gets extremely old? Doesn't take long at all for me…. if there's no point to the game… there's no point to the game. Lots of different people in the world and I hope the ones that love multiplayer continue to enjoy it but pretty please with a cherry on top if you happen to be a game maker and you see this please let that be an option inside of a game and not the entire point of a game …..if you haven't noticed a lot of games that try to go to Co-op multiplayer garbage they tend to flop…. one of these games I would reference you over to would be Wolfenstein LOL fantastic game…. go see how the co-op did LOL

  30. There is a very fun farcry game I forgot the name a bit its farcry dawn or something

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