Top 10 Best PC Shooting Games of the Last 11 Years -

Top 10 Best PC Shooting Games of the Last 11 Years

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Is your favorite game in here? Check out PC’s 10 best shooters or FPS games since 2004.

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  1. cod 4 better than cod 5?
    what the hell is that crap?

  2. i agree but i think #5 should be PvZ WG and #1 PvZ GW 2


  3. I hate cs go I love cod,titanfall and pvs gw1

  4. He just goes up by 0.1 digit every game for his score

  5. does cod need account to play cuz when i register it says to me "registration failed"

  6. thank's for the video, but how about FALLOUT 3

  7. Can you tell the play score of Rainbow Six Siege?

  8. idk what is good and funny in games like in video… Robotic,zobies and sci-fi… wtf

  9. Bioshock Infinite over the original? I'll never understand that.

  10. I would put Call Of Duty Mordern Warfare 2 or Black ops 2 at number 6

  11. please upload top simulation games video

  12. Blitz Brigade better than Team Fortress 2.. blitz brigade not trending cuz people didn't try this game, but blitz brigade same style as team fortress 2 but blitz brigade better than tf2 but bbg are have own roles too.. You might download Blitz Brigade and easy to play and download.. it's only 600mb ;).. wait better graphics too than tf2 and your low pc can run in better graphics

  13. just bought left for dead 1 and 2 for $5 on steam…. I love the steam sales :')

  14. If I'm going to play Bioshock infinite…do I have to play Bioshock 1 and 2 first?

  15. A list without halo is a broken list

  16. funny how top 3 games from valve who don't know what is no 3

  17. nice video mate…..I appreciate your hard work.Keep it up

  18. I don't like your video because there is no igi 2 on your video which is the best pc shooting game

  19. How many GB have Counter Strike : Global Offensive?

  20. what's the playscore of call of duty:black ops?

  21. Please send me the highly compressed link of Call Duty Modern Warfare 4

  22. Which ones of these games r gud for 1-2gb ram pc with online mode????

  23. Every time you'd name a new game I'd wonder how you were going to top it. Well done.

  24. y csgo #7? man these critics dont know a good game 😂
    Edit: Good thing Left 4 Dead 2 was on #3

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