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Top 10 Light Gun Shooters

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Top 10 Light Gun Shooters. Greg takes cover and reloads! Looking for the best light gun shooters.



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  1. I loved Time Crisis and Virtua Cop.
    Would be the best day in my life if Namco would release a Collection with a new G-Con4.

  2. ima 90's kid and this was the shiz when i was a kid, house of the dead / time crisis ect, was trying to find more similar games and maybe ones i had forgotten

  3. Awesome list but I think Carnevil should have been higher up

  4. On Time Crisis 2 through 4 always follow up your kill-shot with two more shots to maximize score and make the body despawn quicker.

  5. Instead of virtual cop my arcade had a training version where you only shot targets and cardboard cut out and in solo you got points and tried to get a high score but if you scored to low you would just fail, but in team mode you just tried to beat your friend.

  6. Awesome Top 10 ! Great great games ! I can beat Time Crisis 2 with one credit ! Played it a billon times ! I do it once in a while when near the Arcades. House of the Dead was absolutely fantastic as well, super dark and gory , Virtua Cop was very fun game and Jurassic Park was a classic !

  7. What happen to time crisis and the house of the dead?

  8. This is the original first personal shooting games style you are the first person shooting not a cameraman holding a gun running and shooting.

  9. Time Crisis (TC) 3 for me is my favorite, as I just love what it has for the homeport, with training practise, some enemies needing multiple shots to kill, some of the new weapon classes they have (machine guns, shotguns, grenade launcher) its' arcade mode, and the alternate arcade mode known as rescue mission. House of the dead on the other hand, I think Scarlet Dawn, the newest one, was the one where I truly loved the most besides TC3 due to what the game offers power ups and customization wise as well as a level up system and a new way to brag about levels and choosing game modes. But admittingly, holy crap TC5 and Scarlet Dawn is AMAZING in terms of graphics

  10. 3.50 that was Michael j white . stay low .

  11. Yeah time crisis 2 the best!!
    The 3 are excellent too
    Good list

  12. TC 2 , yes! … I can go up to last boss with 1 coin.

  13. Does anyone remember the swat game that had a machine gun and you had to hide behind a shield? I don't remember the name, anyone know?

  14. Yep, Time Crisis franchise is the best due to resonable gameplay. People in a gunfight will need a cover for safety, not stand still and shoot like SEGA AM1 and AM2+ games.

  15. It's true light gun games are great but 1 thing i hate about them is that you have to avoid civilains at all costs why are they always in the way? I don't know also another thing i've always hated is that everytime you get hit you lose a special weapon that's more useful than the standard weapon you have why don't they let you keep it even after hit anyway?

  16. This is the third list of light-gun games I've watched. I have no argument with T2, Time Crisis, or Area 51 on these. Of course, in this one you did leave out Lethal Enforcers. But what's driving me crazy is the 1994 mow'em-down game that brought light gun games to its pinnacle before the TC series. Gamers could shoot to choose which level to play next, direction through the level, and search for members of a certain band that, if all were found, unlocked a private concert and bonus level for the winners. Where is Aerosmith's REVOLUTION X!?

  17. Guns for these games
    1. Just press a button on bottom of magazine to reload
    2. "rifles" have pump instead of normal charging handle each semi-automatic weapon uses
    3. When you out of ammo, you can still fire, but not full-auto (my alien colonial marines experience)

  18. I'm glad to see Area51 and CarnEvil on the list. I'd forgotten Silent Scope.

  19. HOTD2 was good garbage in terms of voice acting. Very memorable tbh

  20. AREA 51 and Carnevil were indeed awesome gems. The one I think you missed reviewing was Maximum Force

  21. Awesome video and sponser honestly. Very innovative

  22. ALSO!! super interesting to see the tactical nuke phrase didint come from modern warfare 2 it came from one of these light gun rail shooters!

  23. Ghost squad was also a decent game, had a decent port on the wii as well

  24. Shooter games: RELOADING!
    Light gun games today: what is "reloading"?

  25. i'm looking for a light gun game i used to be scare when i was a kid
    its sprite based, horror themed
    its a girl becomes a long necked demon. scary face almost a skull
    can be played cooperative, theres a pink gun and a blue gun
    if my memory is good i think its from Taito but i cant remember

  26. Im still crying, that this genre dies. It is the best /most fun ever

  27. I just played duck hunt for nostalgia sake and found out that gun is more accurate than some of the newer guns so weird. Not the greatest game but a great gun.

  28. My favorite arcade light shooter has to be LA Machine Guns.

  29. Ninja assault and vampire night anyone ?

  30. I think round table pizza had a deal with area 51 or something lol. And the guns were always greasy.

  31. I was a light gun fanatic as a kid! One underrated one people might remember is Beast Busters:Second Nightmare. Things had a machine gun,pump action reload, and a button for grenade launching. It also shook when you shot it.

  32. Dang this needs to be top 15 cause you missed Confidential Mission. Also Ghost Squad?!? You can choose your weapon in that game, and the professional Spec Ops soldier thing was so sick

  33. Please anyone, what was the name of the one that had a gigantic gun like a machine gun, it was always mounted, you just manoeuvred it around the screen, think you started in a helicopter, and could choose different areas to go to.

  34. Obviously this guy doesn't always talking about that's not why shooting light gun games went away it really wouldn't take that much work to figure it out very confused

  35. it was a long time ago so idek the title, but i remember for 5th grade graduation we had a trip to Jillian's and i played a light gun zombie shooting game with my friend. some random lady passed and was like "GIRLS playing a game with guns?!" and i just told her "…there are girls in the army" 😂

  36. Александр Коломыцев says:

    Good evening, tell me, please, what is the name of the game at the beginning of the video – 0:160:21 seconds. I tried to find her by the picture, but I couldn't.

  37. Does someone know the title of that shooter arcade game where you are a police and killing wanted bosses and their gangs in different cities around the world.. i remember there's a boss riding a backhoe, and there was one riding on a helicopter..

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