Top 10 Mobile Shooters of 2022! Android and iOS -

Top 10 Mobile Shooters of 2022! Android and iOS

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Mobile Shooter Games keep getting better and better, a big part of this is thanks to the PC gaming giants porting over their AAA games. We are also starting to see more quality unique titles on the market, but in this video, I am particularly excited about revealing a new project very few people know about.


0:00 – Introduction
0:21 – Star Wars Hunters
1:07 – Destiny Mobile (Project Destiny)
2:30 – PUBG: New State
3:09 – Warframe Mobile
3:57 – Project Gaia
4:28 – Battlefield Mobile
5:16 – Apex Legends
5:48 – Splitgate Mobile
6:28 – Rogue Company
7:10 – Lostlight
7:57 – Valorant Mobile
8:21 – Black Rock Shooter Fragment
8:41 – Call of Duty Mobile
9:08 – Conclusion

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  1. netease's games are neat if it was made by somebody else. they just cant keep a game alive just for 2 months after releasing it. ill play tank company for once and ill watch its player base go quit till its demise.

  2. Most of these games are not on App Store

  3. Codm has just become stable and repetetive.

    I was a competitive player for 2 years and loved the game but it's not fun anymore.The memories of the time when the game was the best was so good that I can't look at this game and think it's still on top,cause it's clearly not.Activision dosent care about good updates which is expected and balancing is so bad every die hard players are quiting

  4. That Lost Light is well optimized even on a mid-tier phone runs very smoothly and it's 1st person gunplay's probably some of the best on mobile ever..

  5. Pubg new state is a trash… It is just like orig pubg…

  6. This whole list android waste of my time alr got new state. False advertisement to the fullest

  7. That video for project destiny was Shadow gun legends a game that’s been out for years

  8. Just me or new state doesn't even let me in the game like it just brings me to some sorta list and it also keeps saying the game keeps stopping 😕

  9. Umm with project destiny those clips were literally just clips from shadow gun legends (A Netease title from like 2017) and then destiny at a low fps wtf. That’s not a new game

  10. Bro I wanna download split game mobile but I can find it on my phone or ipad

  11. dude that was literally shadowgun legends gameplay for the destiny mobile 😐

  12. Ngl if they port Destiny 2 to mobile I'd definitely hop in and play a couple raids

  13. What are the bame of the games from the conclusion part

  14. ヤ゜ᗪᴜᴋᴇ ᑎᴜᴋᴇᴍ64 says:

    What about Bullet Echo?

  15. How to download on iOS Rogue Company MOBILE ????

  16. Nice clickbait. All I gotta do is hit the "don't reccomend channel" button. Have a wonderful day

  17. All mobile games still can't compare to cod warzone mobile blood effect. It's really strange why they can't make blood effect in every mobile game. Can someone explain?

  18. I have 1 that isn't on this list.. Check Super Mecha Champions.. if you love pubg and mech robots (gundam).. you gonna love it!!.. the super bar basically lets you mount on your gundam.

  19. Lost light could have been better if it had first person mode

  20. The division is coming to android and warframe can't wait

  21. bro what game was in the conclusion it's the best 1 so far

  22. looking for fps game… most of the game listed here not even out yet… bruh

  23. Coming to this video 8 months later. Knowing both apex mobile and lost light was a hella flop waiting for better games rn smh .

  24. So it says Android in the title but some of these games aren't even available to play on Android.what in the actual f*** I click on the video because the caption says Android so you would think that the games being listed you would be able to play on……. You guessed it Android.. but no sorry folks these games are upcoming and haven't been made yet which means they have literally zero value to me right now.

  25. Why do all these titles look the same? I'm seriously burnt out of the same look. You play one, you've played them all.

  26. Battlefield Mobile is complete GARBAGE, from Gamrplay straight to no grinding, pushed Micro transactions, and HORRENDOUS FUCKING GRAPHICS!!!!!!!!!!

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