Top 10 Must Play VR Shooting Games -

Top 10 Must Play VR Shooting Games

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I present to you 10 Shooter Games every Gamer should play in Virtual Reality. These games can be played on the Vive, Rift or PSVR.

The VR GAMES are down here!

RIGS: Mechanized Combat League –
Space Pirate Trainer –
Dead and Buried –
Out of Ammo –
Hover Junkers –
Brookhaven Experiment –
Farpoint –
Arizona Sunshine! –
Hotdogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades –
Raw Data –

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  1. dang, all these games look fun, but i really want to playhorseshoes, hotdogs, and handgrenades…

  2. VR Shooter called "Onward" will be in early access later this month. Check it out Nathie!

  3. A lot of cool and funny VR shooters. Raw Data would be the first which I would like to experience. Maybe also the best?! 😀

  4. Just a slight correction on the Farpoint Game. It is not an on rails shooter. It has a special gun controller that allows movement via the thumbstick. It is being developed by the guys that made counterstrike.

  5. "oh wow, these look so cool, how come i havent heard of them" * searches the names on steam and google * "oh thats why, because hardly any of them are for the vive"

  6. Im looking forward to farpoint when I get my playstation VR at the end of the year.

  7. Thumbs down for oculus psvr games
    Thumbs up for the vive games 🙂

  8. i didn't know that you can throw the katana in raw data

  9. i would i hited the liked only if he didnt say shleng that like button.

  10. How do you get Arizona sunshine? is there a demo? it isnt out yet D:

  11. VR is still years away from where I want it to be. This looks like VR from the PS2 era of gaming. I'm sure that these games are fun to play now and graphics isn't everything, but People keep stressing that VR is amazingly revolutionary and is going to kill the way we play games today. IMO We are not there yet. Maybe I'm just more of a fan of AR than I am of VR. I rather bring the game world into my world, not have me (Or just my hands as it seems) enter the game world.

  12. dead and buried is a better game then others rated above.

  13. Serious Sam VR for 20yo+ classics-lovers

  14. played farpoint in my freinds home it was great but isn't really realistic cause it's a nightmare casue hordes of creatures will kill u

  15. Can't have this list without Robo Recall

  16. Your gaming chair looks almost as comfortable as mine

  17. agreed VR games look sooooooo much better when the headset is on!    I LOVE VR!!!!!!

  18. How does “onward” not make this list? Should be number 1

  19. You wanna know a real cool vr shooter game Pavlov

  20. This is alien tried it all and it wasn't even there

  21. I remember when you were only at 10thoausand sub


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