Top 10 NEW WAR GAMES of 2021 -

Top 10 NEW WAR GAMES of 2021

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War in video games is a common theme, but only a select few make it their entire focus. Here are some war games to look forward to.
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Platform : PC
Release Date : August 27, 2021

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2
Platform : PC PS4 Xbox One XSX|S 4 June 2021
Release Date : PS5 24 August 2021

Medic: Pacific War
Platform : PC
Release Date : 2021

War on the Sea
Platform : PC
Release Date : February 3, 2021

Iron Conflict
Platform : PC
Release Date : 8 January, 2021

Platform : PC PS4 PS5 XBOX ONE XSX|S
Release Date : March 2, 2021

Hell Let Loose
Platform : PC July 27, 2021
Release Date : PS5 XSX|S October 5, 2021

Halo Infinite
Platform : PC XBOX ONE XSX|S
Release Date : December 8, 2021

Call of Duty: Vanguard
Platform : PC PS4 PS5 XBOX ONE XSX|S
Release Date : November 5, 2021

Battlefield 2042
Platform : PC PS4 XBOX ONE PS4 XSX|S
Release Date : November 19, 2021

Platform : PC Stadia
Release Date : 17 August 2021


  1. Please post more am your biggest fan falcon

  2. Man the top games on this list probably did the worst out of them

  3. How is battlefield 2042 on this list? That game sucks

  4. The medic game looks funky and outdated but still cool

  5. I just want conflict desert storm on ps4

  6. HLL is better than enlisted in my oppinion. in HLL, you dont need to grind, scince you enjoy most basic elements of the game, but if you feel like you want something unique, you can grind. though in enlisted, you have to grind hard, to reeach basic items like RPG's flamethrowers, and better tanks. it dosent have a good ballancing system, so you can have a light tank with a 50mm cannon, aganist a heavy tank (for example the jumbo) with no chance of winning. also the puma is op compared to the stuart light tank, but that might be just my oppinion.

  7. medic pasific war is remind me of hacksaw ridge

  8. As of now, I've been waiting for Time Raiders gameplay to launch, I've heard that it is WWII-themed and more upcoming themes soon. I bet this will go bullish this year because of its amazing features!

  9. I always worry about a game about a specific topic that spells that topic wrong in its game. Medic spells Tourniquet wrong, and despite being super interesting, I always worry about the build quality when these mistakes are there.

  10. I hate how PC has like billions of games while other consoles have around ten thousand

  11. With Ww3 around the corner, taking a break from playing war games helps avoid burn out.
    It's fun to play war games, but if there bombs being dropped and displacing people it's challenging to have fun knowing lives are impacted….

  12. HLL should have always been at 1st place.
    Wasn't it already clear in october hat BF5 was gonna flop lol

  13. Is this a channel for gamers or publishers

  14. I dont like your tone you talk like you hate every game

  15. See, I'm real busy analyzing, might be here for a long time, follow the correct year, thank you! (:

  16. The name of the dev team on war on the sea is killer fish games

  17. Did you not play the flights for Halo: Infinite? Easily the most fun I've ever had playing Halo multiplayer. But what I'm really looking forward to is the campaign. Can't wait to see what John Halo does next.

  18. Disliked because of the poor selection of games. We hade better selection a decade ago ffs. Dont pretend that we have those options today.

  19. BF2142 that was made decades ago is better. Why cant devs make good games anymore?

  20. Sorry, I just came across your vid, But BF 2042 is one piece of? I had a lot of faith in the game back in BF4 and nowadays I'll just go back and play that game instead. They are not doing much but just tapping the game and trying not to have a court case against them for putting out such a Dead game! I'm not happy with the game so far. I've been gaming all the way back to win 95 so what I say holds water in med flight! I see gamers today that will sell their soul for a chance at a check then just getting a job. And keep gaming for what it is ("Gaming")!

  21. Need a proper civil war shooter 1st/3rd mmo openworld coop/pvp options .for all bloody platforms !!! Il even take napoleonic .

  22. Why on earth would you ruin this video by topping it off with vanguard and 2042. Awful games

  23. Bf2042 and cod vanguard are at the top of the list….yeah I'll just unsubscribe

  24. medic pacific war instantly made me think of Desmond Doss

  25. Both cod vanguard and battlefield have been shit lol

  26. The medic game gave me Desmond doss vibes so respect (look up who that is if u don’t know man is a legend saved 75+ men by himself under fire without a gun)

  27. "tHeReS nO tUtOrIaL" yeah this kind of lazy midwit thinking is why I unsubbed.

  28. And non of them beats COD Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

  29. Arma 3 should’ve been number 1 or at least included.

  30. i got sprocket, it needs a LOT of work but well worth supporting as it takes into account barrel length shell length, internal volume, mass of armour engine and fuel. you even need to take into consideration the space where ammo goes, too little and you have a low combat time, too much and you will become a bomb. or a long ass combat time.
    also HLL is superior to enlisted, because the tanks are ACTUALLY tanks not glorified infantry where you have to do everything. oh and HLL is brutal and tanks are kinda op when you have infantry with you. but you need to be alert to mines and tanks, and AT infantry.

  31. hell let loose need a mondern style war game im not a fan of old shit

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