Top 10 NEW Zombie Games of 2021 -

Top 10 NEW Zombie Games of 2021

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The zombie game genre is going strong with these new 2021 releases on PC, PS5, Xbox, Switch, and more.
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#10 Evil Dead: The Game

Platform : XSX|S XBOX ONE PS5 PS4 PC Switch

Release Date : 2021

#9 Ill

Platform: TBA.

Release Date : TBA

#8 A Way to be Dead

Platform: PC

Release Date : TBA

#7 SYNCED: Off-Planet

Platform: PC

Release Date : TBA 2021

#6 After the fall

Platform: PS4 PC

Release Date : TBA 2021

#5 The Last Stand Aftermath
Platform: PC

Release Date : Coming Soon

#4 The Day Before

Platform: PC

Release Date : TBA

#3 Resident Evil Village

Platform: PS5 PS4 Xbox One XSX|S PC

Release Date : May 7, 2021

#2 Dying Light 2

Platform : PS5 PS4 XSX|S PC XBOX ONE

Release Date : TBA 2021

#1 Back 4 Blood

Platform : PS5 PS4 XSX|S PC XBOX ONE

Release Date : June 22, 2021


Days Gone

Platform: PC

Release Date : Q2 2021

Resident Evil RE:Verse


Release Date : TBA 2021

The Red Solstice 2: Survivors

Platform: PC

Release Date : June 17, 2021

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine

Platform : XSX|S PC PS4 XBOX ONE PS5

Release Date : TBA 2021

State of Decay 3

Platform: PC

Release Date : TBA


  1. Dying Light is amazing, one of my favorite games in my 33 years of gaming

  2. I would love to hear the game instead of your voice. pls.

  3. I know ever was excited for back 4 blood but being a counsel player I really couldn’t stand the weird sensitivity and it felt underwhelming. Maybe I’m stupid but I’m WAY more excited for DL2!

  4. "we're gonna give it a pass on a technicality"

    Don't lie, Jack. You gave RE8 a pass because tall lady step on me

  5. Wtf, all the good 3rd person shooters were on pc. Especially The Last Stand Aftermath, I’ve been waiting to see some type of revival, not surprised it’s only pc, but come on mane.

  6. You know what I want stubbs the zombie 2 that's what I want

  7. Back 4 Blood multiplayer is going to be the best.

  8. And you was wrong about the release date for back 4 blood

  9. It’s out played so many are the same I’m a fan of unique zombie games

  10. I'm sorry but back 4 blood was absolutely shit.

  11. What was that smiling zombie in the opening from?

  12. I'd love to do The Remake or a new Resident Evil Outbreake.

  13. dont get me wrong i enjoy the slaughter mechanics of zombie games but im dissapointed in zombie games. its either just a spray and slaughter fest or horror with limited ammo and 1-2 zombies here and there. i wanna see a tactical based zombie game that isnt so cartoonized. with abandoned buildings hospitals old science labs where u go on missions as a soldier of some kind that has both massive hoards but also not just a slaughter fest of weak zombies. something u need to plan ahead as u go along with it

  14. “Hey Joe you wanna play a zombie game?” 😆

  15. w
    looking for single player…screw all this multiplayer shit…multiplayer is where the corporations want you to go so they can sell you skins for your aviators…

  16. only one worth mentioning is dying light. i can't believe back for blood is # 1. It, and its predicate games (L4d) were the most boring things one could play, over and over, and over, the same actions. Your honourable mentions have more merit.

  17. Yeah don't get your hopes up they have pushed dying light 2 back to 2/3/2022. I don't even know why? I got the new xbox I guess just to replay recycled games for the full 21 year. At this point
    I am thinking that was there hole plan for the xbox s X and xbox s s. I mean there has been no New good games really Resident Evil The Village was the last one I got and I got it on pc and Xbox s X and I could play it on Ultra on my pc desk top and it still look better on my pc then it did on xbox s X but no surprise there. Where are all the good new games that we were promised??? A year a way too they push them back a year. I know some one going to said new call of duty but it just the same game over and over again it play out for me there are literally 100s of games just like that and yes I have played a lot of them.

  18. Literally every game these days are zombie games

  19. im still deciding on whether to get dying light 2 for xbox or pc, i've played dying light on my xbox and it was pretty fun, but if the game has multiplayer i want to play with my friends on pc

  20. I liked dying light as well just hope the new one will not be as predictable as the other 2. I played 2ice on each but couldn't after that. Reminded me to much of assassins creed just with zombies idk games these days are made to fast as in everything else. It's getting to stale… this generation is wowed by graphics to much when half that could be replaced to make the game bigger. And worth the money. You new school gamers really ruined games lol. Stop buying there fast made bullshit and learn to expect more. With technology today with computers yall give them a cake walk to make what they know you all will buy. This generation is easy to please. Sluts are easy dont be a slut.

  21. Personally, resident evil is like the core zombie game. It’s the first I ever known back on PlayStation. Then it was left for dead. Then everyone else tried to mimic them both.

  22. Im realy in State of Decay3
    Played the second part and loved it

    No story and big cutscenes, no stupid bossfights, no heroic mainchar
    Just pure gameplay, scavenge, survive, build your home
    Simple but very much fun

  23. Suche noch leute die B4B auf PC zocken, egal ob noob oder pro
    Blicke noch nicht ganz durch versuche mich immer noch an Akt1 auf vet.
    Wäre cool wenn sich paar leute melden die auf verschiedene spielstyles stehen, ob stealth oder pures ballern

  24. We all know why village is 3👀don’t we!?

  25. Funny thing was as I was about to preorder dying light 2 a thought struck me that it would be delayed untill 2022 low and behold the trailler came on tv said comming 2022 another reason I’m not hyped about game releases anymore I’m honestly not saying it’s the devs fault as much as it is the pandemic I just wish they’d say from the get go that they wouldn’t be able to make that years goal of say releasing spring or summer or nearer to Christmas’s

  26. I guess these games are NEW.. hell, 90% of this list isn't even out yet.

  27. As of now gameranx has 6.66 mil subscribers

  28. There's to many Multiplayer zombie games. Where's the single player games? And console zombie games too? Besides Dying Light.

  29. bro half of the games u presented are not going out on 2021? so stupid

  30. I'm so tired of 4v1 asymmetric. There's 2 or 3 games that have actually done something interesting with it but everything else is so samey

  31. Maybe it's time to delete or update the video, don't you think? Almost December 2021 and like, none of these games have been released.. Kind of ridiculous to be honest

  32. POV: your in the comments looking for other dying light fans

  33. Is there any zombie survival game where you can actually build? so for example zombie apocalypse based game or something which also has an ability where you can build houses etc.

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