Top 10 Shooting Games For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad -

Top 10 Shooting Games For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

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1 – Contract Killer

2 – Overkill

3 – Gun Bros

4 – Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies

5 – Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

6 – Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front

7 – Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes

8 – N.O.V.A. — Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance

9 – Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

10- Modern Combat: Sandstorm


  1. The best are cod: strike team and modern combat 4.

  2. this video was made in 2012. they weren't released then.

  3. Wolfenstien 3D Really?????

    I almost smashed my computer screen

  4. what the hell have you ever played shadow gun or other games jeese man find better games

  5. Can u'll email me your Apple ID if u have modern combat 4

  6. Cod is not on ipad anymore idk on iPhone so do a newer version with newer games 🙂

  7. How is wolfenstien bad? It's amazing. Without it, there would be no fps. Also no Doom???

  8. pretty lag dude……what kind of ipod/ipad/iphone did you use!!?

  9. Where the fuck is shadowgun, blitz brigade and dead trigger those games are awesome

  10. It wasn't shut down at the time, so why the hell wasn't eliminatePro here? That is a top 3 contender there, AND it was free. The updates never disappointed and the Co-op mode added was freakin amazing. Still disappoints me to this day it got shut down.

  11. I have all gtas all modern combats and more stuff

  12. most of these aare theworst games loserr

  13. and for all of ya haters around WHO DAFAQ DOESNT LIKE A CLASSIC GAME!? WOLFENSTEIN WAS AWESOME!!!

  14. Awwwwwwww i wanted the call of duty zombies black ops zombies on my ipad

  15. Brother in arms sucks the new one is cool XD

  16. What's with the crap effects? And crap games

  17. Niga this video is old like if you are in 2016 u old 1980 shits

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  19. Does anyone remember the game that was like a 3rd person and it was like stand off? But on iphone I really can't remember the game if anyone could tell me thank you

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