Top 10 Shooting Moments at the Olympics | Top Moments -

Top 10 Shooting Moments at the Olympics | Top Moments

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Enjoy the Top 10 Shooting Moments of all time at the Summer Olympic Games! Who is your favorite Olympic shooter of all time? Let us know in the comments!

10) Barbara Engleder (GER) 🥇 in Rio 2016 (50m Rifle)
9) Hoang Xuan Vinh (VIE) 🥇in Rio 2016 (10m Air Pistol)
8) Nasser Al-Attiyah (QAT) 🥉in London 2012 (Skeet Shooting)
7) Ahmed Al-Maktoum (UAE) 🥇in Athens 2004 (Double Trap)
6) Virginia Trasher (USA) 🥇 in Rio 2016 (10m Air Rifle)
5) Leuris Pupo (CUB) 🥇 in London 2012 (25m Rapid Fire Pistol)
4) Vincent Hancock (USA) 🥇 in Beijing 2008 (Skeet Shooting)
3) Kim Rhode (USA) 🥇 in Atlanta 1996 (Double Trap)
2) Abhinav Bindra (IND) 🥇in Beijing 2008 (10m Air Rifle)
1) Jin Jong-Oh (KOR) 🥇 in Beijing 2008 (50m Pistol)

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  1. They have these fancy rifles I can shoot better with my browning

  2. They should use 50 caliber snipers, 50 caliber desert eagles, and elephant guns instead of those weapons.

  3. If you've ever been trap shooting using an over/under shotgun then you understand that what they are doing is nothing short of a mutherfucker to achieve. Respect.

  4. People in the comments saying this is their weekend……

  5. The shooting Olympics should just be a Battle Royale

  6. How is it that video from 1996 is better quality than security cameras in 2021

  7. they should be shooting real caliber, at a minimum a .223 for rifle and 9mm for pistol. I know it is made for accuracy but those are not calibers that would ever be used to hunt or kill with. 22s and air rifles are for small mammals like squirrel. It is boring. Skeet shooting shotgun is a different story because it is a moving target and you need to shoot it with bird shot to actually hit.

  8. Do they need all that gear and aid to shoot a gun with no recoil?

  9. I wonder what the rules are for bringing firearms into a country like the UK or Japan when you're using it for a sporting event. I'm sure they make some exceptions for these guys though.

  10. The pretty moustache complementarily x-ray because sailboat correlatively object unlike a bored seaplane. hissing, angry use

  11. This makes no sense to me. Dedicating so much time and effort into shooting a low power gun at a immobile target only to be mediocre at best. I mean come on, for as much as they train and the distance they shoot shouldn’t they be far more accurate?

  12. this ppl cant even shoot with 22 lol

  13. Do they only ever do two shots for the skeet shooting? It seems like the real test would be, can you hit 15 of these clay birds?

  14. Stupid looking sport. A gun with almost no recoil is no more than a water gun.

    Yes i know air pistols/rifles can pierce skin. I prefer something that takes serious control. Not this. Might as well watch archery

  15. The guns (besides the shotguns) look like legos

  16. Shootings too easy let’s do it in a straight jacket.

  17. And then you have the military competitions, which is like this but on steroids. Targets are normally 300 meters away instead of 50.

  18. can someone tell me the title of the background-music?

  19. i didnt know it was possible to make guns this lame

  20. bindra has legit started a revolution in competitive shooting in India

  21. There's an anime called
    Rifle is beautiful

    Not sure what the sport is called but it's basically the first clip we saw the girls shooting with their laser guns

  22. Acho muito legal, porem somente as armas reais com recuo

  23. … in 1972, their were 8 really good shooters in Munich…

  24. 현대시대에 맞춰서 발전하는 올림픽이 정말 대단하다고 느껴지는 영상이었습니다. 먼 옛날에도 사격이라는 스포츠 종목이 있었을까 라는 생각을 해봅니다. 이런식으로 그때그대의 과학 문화적 상황에 맞춰서 발전하는 올림픽이 대단하다고 느껴집니다.

  25. Why didn’t they include the Munich olympics? Those were great shots

  26. Why is there a separation between men and women?

  27. omg riveting! …

    cancel the olympics forever thanks

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  29. Even olympics know to get more views attract Indians

  30. Ngl the air rifle shooters look kinda lame. Love the stuff with live guns tho.

  31. 3.17 holy s## that dude looked so gangster…

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