Top 11 New REALISTIC Tactical Shooters in UNREAL ENGINE 5 coming out in 2023 & 2024 | PS5 Xbox X PC -

Top 11 New REALISTIC Tactical Shooters in UNREAL ENGINE 5 coming out in 2023 & 2024 | PS5 Xbox X PC

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Check out a look at 11 absolutely AMAZING upcoming action tactical shooters with REALISTIC GRAPHICS, from FPS to tactical horror shooter and much more! These games look awesome.

00:00 Intro
00:05 Gray Zone Warfare
01:03 Covert Ultra
02:15 Contain
03:16 Pine Harbor
04:32 Beautiful Light
06:00 Bodycam FPS
07:35 Operator
08:49 Wraith
10:47 Transience
12:06 Agent 64
14:00 Lost Fragment
14:48 Shell Soldier
15:55 Outro

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  1. I need a new ghost recon game now that’s worth looking out for

  2. Bro lost fragment the gameplay is on a different level fr holy shi**

  3. bodycam fps would it get criticized for being to realistic

  4. Operator is a Unity game not Unreal Engine

  5. some of these games look Awesome.. I will keep an eye out for them on STEAM,
    Thanks for taking the time to compiling them

  6. These games look beautiful, hopefully they turn out to actually be fun to play to

  7. Operator isn't a UE5 game, it's a Unity project.

  8. Gray Zone looks like a decent potential ARMA alternative, Lost Fragment looks stunning in the demo but we see here that Bodycam looks less impressive in gameplay than it did in the first demo. Most of the rest look dated, generic or basic. And there's no way Wraith will be allowed to release with so many copyrighted CoD visual features, they're just setting themselves up for a lawsuit there 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. Tactical FPS
    >Shell Soldier: "Free lead for everyone"

  10. Is Agent 64 supposed to look like mediocre mid 1990’s graphics??

  11. So only one confirmed for ps5? This is bs.

  12. Everthing will be adapted to the consoles too ?


  14. Shot ur own man in the back frame 6:24 and this called mission a success?

  15. It amazes me what some people consider "realistic"

  16. gray zone with the nature looks like the only one taking advantage of the engine. The rest are just boxed city gameplay.

  17. Never heard of Pine Harbor, looks sick.

  18. Any of them have single player campaigns or geared toward multiplayer?

  19. lol i spent alot of time playing FPS games but i always laugh when hear about tactical pc game, just to attract people reacting to stroking their ego

  20. tzzzz.. locks nothing…, Unreal 5 ?? pfff….

  21. All of that and Agent64 is the one that got me excited 🙂


  23. What a fucking awesome list of games I’ve never heard of before. Thank you

  24. Its like Raven Shield 3 and Arma almost 4 together.

  25. Spy's never die has awesome graphics ROFL 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. I always love a good REALISTIC arm bandage healing animation. 😂

    Someone needs to bring some new ideas for the basic mechanics in these games.

  27. ima be honest and say that gray zone's animations, gunplay and aiming look really awkward atm. I mean the camera is practically up against that aimpoint…

  28. Grey zone will shine if they can pull off what their saying the market is in desperate need of a new extraction shooter still no good ones for console unfortunately

  29. Agent 64 best game in 2024 so realistic UE5 thats impossible

  30. Gray Zone Warfare.. I don't trust it, let hell loose was like that in the adverts too, but the real game was full of green, blue dots and even orange rubbish, there's not even that much rubbish on the screen in HALO!

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