TOP 15 FPS Games on Nintendo Switch ! -

TOP 15 FPS Games on Nintendo Switch !

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This video is about top 15 FPS (first person shooter) games on Nintendo Switch that is available now and you can buy it today!

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  1. Bulletstorm it's superfun and have a lots of action. That clip from the intro dosn't show the the point of the gameplay. I buy it days ago on sale and it's absolutely addictive.

  2. Idk but who ever playin wolfenstein ass asl 💀💀🤣

  3. Titanfall 2 should come to the Nintendo Switch since that Apex legends will and Titanfall 1 and 2 are the prequels to that game.

  4. I really have to buy them tho I thought they was finna be free😂

  5. Kids TV - Video Games & Bedtime stories says:

    Nice! check out also my channel for more Warface gameplay!

  6. Wolfenstein II looks fun as fuck,that red colour all around that room makes it look so now

  7. You know the list is dry when the first game you mention is payday 2

  8. Gonna be honest bit of a kids list


  9. I think if i played doom in a switch
    I would break the switch 19 mins later of anger

  10. Half of these can be played on other systems with better graphics and framerates leave nintendo games to nintendo systems.

  11. I wish they would port black ops 2 and ghosts on wii u to the switch, it would sell like hot cakes

  12. One thing that this video's title and the switch have in common is the frame rate these games will be on the switch.

  13. I would play Wolfstein and Call of Juarez. Forget the other games in this video. Oh, and Payday 2.


  15. What about Resident evil biohazard? One of the best games.

  16. Imagine if there is a switch that has advanced controllers or if nintendo switch pro got advanced controllers so you could play other games like call of duty.

  17. I wish Brutal Doom was on the switch, or at least as a DLC mode. I want to see more gore

  18. Pls do not play at consoles your aim is horrible

  19. Well I prefer my games at at least 30 FPS

  20. Paladins is it the worse bad shooter off the world warface better, black ops 1 black ops 2 black ops 3, modern warfare, best shooter, and warface.

  21. A "new" game that is on Nintendo switch is star wars republic commando which is a really good game

  22. if they can put call of duty in a motherfucking 3DS, they also can put it in nintendo switch

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