TOP 15 FPS Games on Nintendo Switch ! -

TOP 15 FPS Games on Nintendo Switch !

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This video is about top 15 FPS (first person shooter) games on Nintendo Switch that is available now and you can buy it today!

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  1. Jesus christ at least improve you’re gameplay

  2. I find FPS games unplayable on my Switch Lite unless they have Gyro-Controls, Bethesda's ports of Wolfenstein II and Doom are outstanding and should be the bench mark for any ports to the Switch, I tried to play Doom 3 but without any motion controls it lacked that intuitive nature and I felt removed from the action and more importantly the tense atmosphere.

    Warface on the Switch is also an outstanding achievement fantastic controls and fast gameplay.

    Alien: Isolation has appalling Gyro-Controls and initially put me off playing it for the same reasons as Doom 3, but since you only ever have to fire a dozen shots throughout the entire game, in the end it didn't really matter! An incredible game, possibly my favourite game on the Switch!

    I'm interested to know if the Bioshock Collection will have Gyro-Controls?? It would be a huge missed opportunity if it doesn't.

  3. are all these games available on disc or just on line ?

  4. I wish for the day Nintendo will just cut the bullshit and build a powerfull tabletop console so I can play all my favorite exclusives without missing all the other 3rd party titles I want to play.

  5. LOL the only games I have on my Switch is world war z , Brawhalla, Rocket League, yugioh and 2020 Olympics

  6. I want valve to release all their games. The orange box along with box Left 4 dead games. Loved team fortress.

  7. Now there's bioshock collection borderlands collection, the outer limits. 2020 getting better for fps on switch

  8. Turok got the best gun of all time. Cerebral Bore 🔥🔥🔥

    Edit… Turok 2 is missing and its the better one

  9. I saw a game were you fight toy soldiers I forgot the name it looked interesting

  10. Tremenda consola y juegos mierderos singleplayer..
    deberia haber cods y battlefield

  11. Everyone: We want COD!!!
    Me: Half-Life Collection.

  12. Looking at how SWAT behave in Payday and then comparing to how SWAT behave in games focused on them or IRL….Payday be duuuuumb xD

  13. My god, the Wolfenstein gameplay… Imagine a badass like B.J. Blazkowicz shooting all over the room before hitting a nazi a couple of times. Shooters are really for PCs and VR, at the end of the day 😀

  14. Yall should put a time stamps for every game in the description


  16. I don’t have a Switch, yet I don’t know why I keep watching these videos

  17. Turok actually looks cool tho. It gives me some weird vibes

  18. I do like to see the Golden Eye on Wii, want to see a switch port of that game.

  19. My favorite 15 Frames Per Second game on Switch is Fortnite

  20. Hope one day will wet RAGE 2 for the switch👍

  21. I hope cyberpunk 2077 find its way to nintendo switch.

  22. We need perfect dark for the switch. The bot matches and crazy cool guns and awesome maps. Lets go nintendo

  23. warface is out nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  24. Why doesn't the switch have call of duty.

  25. Btw I’m shocked they have doom whaaaat and also call of duty wow

  26. I love this channel.. awesome videos, thank yoy

  27. Which game is the one in the mini-image of this vídeo?

  28. For real you should start to put the games names in list in the discription
    Until then I dislike every video will does the same as you
    Becauce it's so nerfous and time wasteful to listen and watch for 15 min for games that your voice will make me hate them
    Just My opinion

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