Top 20 Vehicular Combat Games | RACING GAMES WITH SHOOTING -

Top 20 Vehicular Combat Games | RACING GAMES WITH SHOOTING

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Vehicle combat games are fun for people who crave action and have a high level of chaos in their blood. Ready for a ride? Get at the wheel!

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00:00 Intro
01:24 Mad Max
02:36 Rage 2
03:41 Destruction All-stars
04:56 Wreckfest
05:50 Twisted Metal
07:12 Blood Drive
08:32 Renegade Ops
09:36 Crash Team Racing
10:15 Blur
11:19 Death Track Resurrection
12:32 Flatout 4 Total Insanity
13:35 Burnout Paradise Remastered
14:53 Crossout
16:10 Road Redemption
16:41 Battle Riders
17:30 Gas Guzzlers Extreme
18:36 Armageddon Riders
19:40 Crashday Redline Edition
21:00 CARMAGEDDON Max Damage
21:43 Knight Rider 2

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  1. no burnin' rubber 5..i'm dissapointed.

  2. Why did you add knight rider 2 at the end instead of for exemple: vigilante 8 (1 and 2). In my opinion, would they fit better into the overall material (there was also a good game – don't you think so) you presented?

  3. Amazing list of games!! Thanks for the list.. 😄

  4. Renegade Ops really deserves a modern re-release. That game was amazing fun with 4 players.

  5. Awesome list of car combat games! Full Auto 2 Battlelines on PS3 is a good one too.

    #1 – No weapons…
    #3 – No racing OR weapons…
    #4 – No weapons…
    #6 – No racing…
    #7 – No racing…
    #11 – No weapons…
    #12 – No weapons…
    #13 – No racing…
    #17 – No weapons…
    #18 – No racing?
    #19 – No racing?
    #20 – No weapons or multiplayer racing?

  7. Miss Nfs hot pursuit (2010) and nfs Rivals

  8. Where is Rogue Trip and Vigilante 8? Two of the best car combat games of all time. This list is whack

  9. Anyone know of a game similar to cross out in the building aspect?

  10. Thank you for making this video i found my fav game what i played when i was younger 👍

  11. Hard Truck Apocalypse, old game by developers of Crossout. Its not racing, but it is Vehicular Combat RPG game.

  12. NFS Rivals should be there. They had the deadliest and ruthless cops that show no mercy whenever they initiate a pursuit.

  13. Why are there no good car combat games online in 2023!?

  14. Man, I wish there was an open world online mad max style game with some cool PvP fights and PvE content. Imagine attacking a giant road castle with a group of cars and bikes with guns. Defeat that for cool car parts then go in on foot and take down the boss for some more loot. test out the new gear in a PvP race and then go for a quick out of car fight before some solo content for it's own rewards.

  15. Vigilante 8 & twisted metal need new remake & release for new gen. They would flourish.

    It’s crazy how they make games that are replayable nowadays.

    No matter how many times you lose. Twisted metal & vigilante 8 kept you coming back. Simple, but oh so fun.

    Missing the 90s & 2000s video games

  16. Are you fucking serious? How could you miss Split Second and Full Auto?!

  17. Hello I'm looking for old game on windows, i remember only graphic is like GTA2 top down, But there is only shooting from cars guns, grenades, bazooka. one map is like texas on the Desert, Story was about Revenge on Gangsters for Brother Death, every boss death had scene, last boss look is Long blonde hair mustache and last Boss Ending: he is half death and was doused in Tequila and set on fire

  18. best of all time : carmagedon and flatout

  19. Teh Death Track Resurration reminds me of the best ever:
    USR (Upshift Strike Racer)

  20. Carmageddon and Interstate 76 back in the day ❤

  21. Ridge Racer Unbounded : Best graphics. could be added to this video.

  22. Not gonna lie, FlatOut 4 looks like anything but FlatOut, lol

  23. Twisted Metal 2, Vigilante 8, Rogue Trip and Roadkill-PS2

  24. I never liked "racing sim games". But I do like the arcade version of racing games. Burnout Paradise and Split Second to name a few. I also like cars with guns except Twisted Metal. I do wanna try Racing wheel controller. Im clueless what to get. I want a decent Wheel controller with pedals. I hope the one I will get will be compatible to the games I want to play.

  25. Best combat racing game that I've played on the list? Gas Guzzlers Extreme!

  26. Lol I didn't expect Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled to be on this list

  27. Surpised noone mentioned split secound or motorstorm franchise

  28. Blur, Burnout Paradise Remastered Mechanics is so good. Imagine it's battle or burnout pass

  29. Battlefield 2042 should be on this list, its one of the best vehicle combat games

  30. What is more franchise?

    Death Race
    Death Rally
    Twisted Metal
    Zombie Virus
    Zombie Driver
    Renegade Ops
    Bloody Rally Show

  31. Awesome list. Haven’t heard of many of these

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