Top 5 LOOTER SHOOTER Games of 2022 (Most Anticipated) -

Top 5 LOOTER SHOOTER Games of 2022 (Most Anticipated)

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Top 5 Most Anticipated Looter Shooter games (or looter shooter like games) of 2022! Its looking like a very promising year. Hope you guys enjoy the video! If you do, be sure to like, comment and subscriberino

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  1. So when is steam release for wonderlands? They arent actually going to do what they did with 3 and wait a year right? Sad kinda ruins my hype

  2. How is Lost Ark a looter shooter? You clearly have no idea what is this game

  3. Outriders expansion and Ark Raiders look awesome. Outriders has a special formula that I continue to enjoy and the first game I played all hero types to completion

  4. Project magnum is gonna flop like anthem

  5. Destiny 2 witch queen released on twosday lol

  6. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is the best of all of them

  7. I was trying destiny 2 for the 1st time and am disappointed in how greedy they are. I’d have to spend 200$ to get the whole game 🤦🏻‍♂️ bummer

  8. steam says "The Day Before" is scheduled for March 1st 2023 release

  9. The day day before looks good. Anyone who hasn’t played tiny Tina’s , don’t bother

  10. Project Magnum and Arc Raiders I'm excited for.

  11. Nice video man! I dropped the like because I have butterfingers 😀

  12. Lol… "its a free2play 2 title an thats always a good sign"

    We do not live in the same universe

    Maybe you as a streamer gwt all stuff for free. But for gamers wherw gaming is a hobby not a profession its worst

    You didnt hear of diablo immortal, hey its f2p thats a good sign. No one said that

  13. Someone could copy Josh strife and try all looters shooters made

  14. Graduate magna mesa play brand new baby of a development it’s not gonna be released in 2022 and it doesn’t block him a video that’s a list of top shooters I will 2022 you show me NBA anticipating in 2022 little on including in this video

  15. The day before has been delayed until 2023 and I suspect will be delayed again and again because it’s a brand new development much like the first one on your list I don’t know about the second one there is a Bashley I’ll probably stay yet I have a second one is the first one and the third one are logos for 2022

  16. I’m quite frankly the game is going to flop anyway if somebody wants to play a division light game the division is already mature game out there go play it or load just doesn’t seem fun there’s tons of those as well why would you need a new hoard mode game

  17. Bad also not a plus that it’s only running on next jam it’s a fucking shooter it’s me running on Eric cancel first and foremost

  18. So Cove caused zombies instead the story I made Jesus Christ we already had a ton of games

  19. No add a new game and body is a shoe company don’t buy anything from bocce they will take care of danger contact the way how do you pay for it and then he’ll sell it back to you later

  20. Seriously dude I don’t know about that other bullshit game he talked about the lost Ark is not a lunar shooter it might be a lunar but it’s not a looter shooter

  21. Seriously do tiny Gina’s Wonderland that’s your number one and it just rated shooter it’s only out of 14,000 peak concurring players on steam I mean that that’s terrible bad that’s like almost record low launch numbers I don’t think it was anticipated by Journey people

  22. Why do all of these have worse visuals than Crysis 2 on ps3?.. feels like jumping back 10 years with most of these games. Also looter shooters, why are there so many of them? Most boring genre of fps games.

  23. my dude listed ror2 in looter shooter 💀

  24. I'm watching this in September 2022, half of the games are postponed 🙁

  25. i like how none of these are looter shooters

  26. Dude I wish Destiny 2 didn’t push so much on the fomo market and stuff, that game was so amazing before they started sunsetting stuff, now I can’t even play the content that I bought ):

  27. why wonderlands at number 1 its the worst one of all borderlands titles

  28. "Games of 2022"
    Also games: upcoming
    Hoe your mother will die)

  29. Watching this in november and thinking june 1st ! Nope

  30. Half the games on here aren’t even out and 1 isn’t even a shooter

  31. Love the direction games are headed. All slated for 2022 releases… first 3 titles are pushed back to 2023 lul

  32. your intro sounded like a guy finishing a tequila shot hahaha good video!

  33. Lost Ark is a fucking ARPG not a looter shooter smh

  34. LOL 'The day before' to be launched at June 2022, more like 2024

  35. By the way, that second game you mentioned that is an extraction shooter not really all although there is looting and equipping weapons I think but it’s an extraction shooter. You have to extract the stuff and track. I’m not entirely sure what the gameplay loop is going to look like, but I know it’s an extraction shooter you have to ride battle against the environment and other players and get your shit out right it’s it’s a, I’ll take on I’m games like Tark off figure those games matter of borderlands title

  36. Yeah, I think you’re mixed up by maybe they’ll be at PV only mode but it’s going to be a PVEVP game you’re going to be battling the environment and other players and then extracting if you can survive and obviously it didn’t come out in 2022 is still not out today and

  37. Wow, these videos donate very well. Do they the day before you’re not likely to ever see that game that’s a bunch of vaporware and strong together rise cinematics for marketing purposes but nobody’s actually seen anything playable of that game yet in 2023 in fact they’ve had all kinds of problems that the pre-order shit has been earth of the game itself has been removed from the steam store, so no more wishlist in yet, although that may be more about the legal battles with the name, then anything else for good luck with the day before or the day after for that matter

  38. Yep it certainly does have division vives i.e. it’s going to promise a lot of shit and not deliver on hardly any of it

  39. Yeah I Videos like this do not age well most of those games aren’t out yet and the ones that are are kind of abject failures tiny Tinas Wonderland is an OK game but you really gotta be a dedicated borderlands trying to finish it I gave up on it

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