Top 5 Shooting Games For The PS VR You Must Play -

Top 5 Shooting Games For The PS VR You Must Play

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Here’s a top 5 of Virtual Reality Shooter Games you must play on the Playstation VR.

The PSVR GAMES are down here!

RIGS Mechanized Combat League:
Brookhaven Experiment:
EVE Valkyrie:
Rez Infinite:

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  1. i have far point but im afraid of spiders so yea f

  2. What is your favorite game for the Playstation VR? 🙂

  3. I wonder how the Brookhaven experiment will work with limited roomscale. you won't be able to shoot zombies behind you with the psvr

  4. Nathie, dont overdo your psvr coverage please. I dont know how many of your 92751 subscribers have rifts or vives, but I bet its a good deal. I doubt very much they will stay if you dont keep up pc content. Dont shun your current audience dude!

  5. I Got to test demo 2 of Resident Evil 7 out Sunday on the PSVR and the resolution was a bit low but i was super impressed LOVED every moment of it.

  6. Wow farpoint looks amazing! Nice video Nathie!

  7. Playstation VR games looks so much better than the htc vive and ocolus rift games O.o

  8. Wow! I played Rigs at Gamescom this year and I have to tell you: I felt as sick as never before after playing it… I am sensitiv and can't play windlands for example but this was WAY worse.. in 15 minutes I was close to puking … After that game I doubted the success of PSVR.. I want immersive fun games too, but making people sick might be the end of VR before it even began..

  9. I like number 1, I can see why it's number one on your video. Nathie I was wondering if you can give me a shout out on your channel I would love the support and I am really working hard on my channel. Its ok if you don't want to respond but if you do respond, and shout me out it would be appreciate it. I understand if you say no. I love your content and I will never unsubscribe from you.

  10. I love vr and nathie were do you get the VR?

  11. Omg nathie I was playing a game and then you did something OMG

  12. farpoint is the reason why i bought a psvr

  13. Killing cockroaches with guns doesnt make game first person shooter lol.

  14. But it doesnt looks like the same in your video the quality is not that high :/

  15. Battlefield or destiny should put out a vr game

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