Top 5 Tactical Shooters You MUST Try -

Top 5 Tactical Shooters You MUST Try

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Top 5 Tactical Shooters You MUST Try

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00:00 – Intro
00:32 – #1 Squad
01:50 – #2 Arma 3
03:20 – #3 Zero Hour
04:48 – #4 Hell Let Loose
06:05 – #5 Insurgency Sandstorm

1. Squad
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2. Arma

3. Zero Hour
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4. Hell Let Loose
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5. Insurgency Sandstorm
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  1. Ground Branch… Ground Branch… Ground Branch

  2. Are all of these on PC because I have a xbox

  3. Os zéro hour better than ready or not ?

  4. Squad will never be released on the ps4,pat,xbox1 or xbox series x

  5. Squad is awesome because most of the players are grown-ups. So most of them are very welcoming and friendly to noobs. Except if you're a selfish idiot who refuse to take the tutorial and went it raw with COD knowledge

  6. I love insurgency sandstorm but the maps are not big enough

  7. My computer is fast enough for any of these games

  8. thank you i will joing your discord do yall play ready or not as well?

  9. Can you do best console tactical shooters please but try to not included ww1 and 2 era ones because there’s to many of them

  10. Arma is the gmod of milsims, if theres a franchise theres an arma mod for it

  11. Arma 3 would be great if the mouse and keyboard controls weren´t so clunky and hard to learn

  12. ready or not and ground branch are really good too, but expensive

  13. Wish there was a military game that let you do corner checks and stuff exactly like real life. I miss doing drills and airsoft is so expensive and paintball guns look ridiculous. I mean I guess airsoft would be cheaper if I didn't want all the replica and blowback guns lol.

  14. Is the campaign mode of these games better than Call of Duty?

  15. Honestly I'm not sure how to even play arma 3 because all of the servers aren't even military anymore like ot used to be because its usually just rp or a really laggy if anyone has any tips please let me know

  16. Arma 3, Squad, and Hell Let Loose are my favorite FPS games.

  17. i got zero hour and my storage is slowing it down bc its down 2 1GB

  18. my top 4
    #1 ground branch its almost always on sale
    #2 project reality its just free squad its old but very fun
    #3 arma 3 best tactical shooter in my opinion
    #4 insurgency sandstorm everyone knows how good this is i dont need to explain

  19. I have a question. Does squad support voicechat?

  20. are there any free or low priced games in this genre or no

  21. STC - South Tactical Concept - Brazil says:

    YES Ground Branch is for sale, and it can be played the video would be perfect but with the lack of a title as important as ground brach this was a mistake, a big one

  22. Instead of Hell Let Loose, I'd rather choose Post Scriptum. Yes, the optimization is worse. Yes, less online. But! All the same, as many say – HLL is, you know, a Hollywood blockbuster. There is more realism in Post Scriptum, as for me. And the sounds of weapons are better made (In HLL they are like you hit the table with your hand). And the development of tanks is better, the developers of the PS do not make concessions for anti-tank guns, unlike the creators of the HLL. In short, my choices here are Squad and Post Scriptum.

  23. Zero hour Part didn't age well. It's a dead game now. Steam says it has 130 average players. And I can't even find a match in it

  24. I noticed scenes from Saving Private Ryan in the Hell let loose video. Are they used in the game as well or are they there for comparison to the realism in the game? . Very cool video !!! , I love tactical shooters !!!

  25. I grow up playing tactical shooter games and I hate how most of today tactical shooters are all about the multiplayer matches.

  26. Do not get ARMA 3 it is the most dead game atm

  27. can someone help me to find the game i forgot because my memories is bad as hell. The game is fps game and the icon is color blue and it has skull

  28. U Probably forgot ghost recon wildlands a solid bravo game ever known till date..

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