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Top 50 Free VR Games

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Here’s my picks for the Top 50 Best Free VR Games of all time! All of the links are down below. Enjoy!

Action Games

Trickster VR: Horde Attack! 00:22

Wolfenstein 3D VR 01:13

MSI Electric City: Core Assault 01:55

Compound Demo 02:28
(Click on “Download Demo” on the Steam page)

Drive Through Explosions 03:03

Guns’n’Stories: Preface VR 03:47

Multiplayer Games

VR Chat 04:30

Wave Beta 05:05

Rec Room 05:32

A Township Tale 06:14

PokerStarsVR 08:00

War Thunder 08:47

Strategy Games

Lazerbait 09:33

The Red Stare 10:07

The Get Up 10:51

The Last Day Defense 11:39

In Your Face TD 12:32

Vroom Kaboom 13:08

Servator 14:04

Adventure Games

The Ranger Lost Tribe 15:08

Acan’s Call 16:05

Spellbender 16:33

Spider-Man: Far From Home VR 17:44

Cartoon Network Journeys VR 18:37

Puzzle Games

Gravity Architect 20:06

FlickBlocks 20:50

Spearmint1 21:31

Albina 22:21

Architect 22:58

Obstacle Course Games


Angelus Brand VR Experience 24:41

Tea For God 24:43

Asymmetrical Games

Nova Swarm 25:59

HangoVR 26:40

I Can Gun 27:18

Nemesis Perspective 28:00

Relaxing Games

Aircar 28:31

Puppy Chef Academy 29:20

Land of Amara 30:34

Google Earth VR 31:17

Cosmic Sugar VR 31:43

Horizon Beyond 32:35

Crafting Games

Order Up VR 33:30

Waltz of the Wizard 34:00

Short Circuit VR 34:59

Misc Games

DIRE 35:20

The Lab 36:10

Taphouse VR 36:50

Anyland 37:23

Castle Defender VR 38:43

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  1. township tale no longer free 🙁
    EDIT: Nevermind its still free so thats good

  2. These are really good games but 90% of games he said aren't free

  3. The Glitchy Ch̷e̸e̴s̶e̶b̵u̶r̷g̴e̸r̷ says:

    as soon as I heard the intro the old dantdm music hit me

  4. Guns n stories 👌🏼 I remember I used to play this game on my phone when I was about 5 (7yrs ago)

  5. I thought that was going to look in the comments and see What siblings but no just one link

  6. Hey Ben, I was wondering if you knew of any destructive games I could get! I was looking for a game to release some of my anger and break, destroy things! If you know of any just let me know, I’ve been looking for a rage room like game to play for a long time! And if it was free it would be better!

  7. thanks a lot for this video, I straight up downloaded like 7 games while watching this 😀 cheers

  8. ?ɪᴋʀᴀɴꜰᴜʀʏꜰʟᴇᴜʀʏ¿ says:

    Yeahhh don't do rec room- I heard of it and downloaded it right? Then my first time on I am cussed out and made fun of so I never played it again and uninstalled it.
    VERY toxic community.

  9. this kinda stretches the free part of it, but payday 2 vr. its super fun. payday 2 isnt free, but the VR part is, so its kinda in a grey area lol.

  10. Hell yes, my favorite games are Rec Room, VR Chat, and gun and stories

  11. Hahaha I forgot war Thunder had VR. Time to fly my P-48 now

  12. props to this man who downloaded 50 vr games for one video and had to play them all

  13. Watching all these vr videos makes me want to buy a headset.

  14. Rec Room is like being Arnold Schwarzenegger in that scene of Kindergarten Cop where the kids are going nuts.
    I barely lasted 15 minutes cos of trolls. One example, some dude kept interrupting a frisby throwing with another player in the common room and there's nothing you can do about the toxic people cos even blocking them doesn't stop them from grabbing items you're trying to play with. Table tennis ball. Basketball etc.

  15. how can i get theese kinda games? like on quest 2 because i couldnt even figure how to get ( the red stare) plz halp :[

  16. I Hope i can play vr chat and rec room on ps vr

  17. Cool video 😀 need more free/non free vr coop games 😀

  18. Fun fact war thunder is basically almost on every device now

  19. The red stare is wrong. That game with the stone is called something different. I know this because i downloaded it, Still Pretty cool tho. EDIT: Nvm its because theres 3 in The red stare chapter

  20. Personal comment
    In your face TD
    Cosmic Sugar VR

  21. I have an oculus and no pc do i need a pc for vr chat

  22. A township take isn’t free. at least not any more

  23. You should've added gorilla tag if it was out

  24. Are there some rythm games? I would really like it

  25. the fact you can list 50 free games for vr just goes to show the sheer amount of garbage being pumped out and called a "game".

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