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Top 50 Free VR Games

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Here’s my picks for the Top 50 Best Free VR Games of all time! All of the links are down below. Enjoy!

Action Games

Trickster VR: Horde Attack! 00:22

Wolfenstein 3D VR 01:13

MSI Electric City: Core Assault 01:55

Compound Demo 02:28
(Click on “Download Demo” on the Steam page)

Drive Through Explosions 03:03

Guns’n’Stories: Preface VR 03:47

Multiplayer Games

VR Chat 04:30

Wave Beta 05:05

Rec Room 05:32

A Township Tale 06:14

PokerStarsVR 08:00

War Thunder 08:47

Strategy Games

Lazerbait 09:33

The Red Stare 10:07

The Get Up 10:51

The Last Day Defense 11:39

In Your Face TD 12:32

Vroom Kaboom 13:08

Servator 14:04

Adventure Games

The Ranger Lost Tribe 15:08

Acan’s Call 16:05

Spellbender 16:33

Spider-Man: Far From Home VR 17:44

Cartoon Network Journeys VR 18:37

Puzzle Games

Gravity Architect 20:06

FlickBlocks 20:50

Spearmint1 21:31

Albina 22:21

Architect 22:58

Obstacle Course Games


Angelus Brand VR Experience 24:41

Tea For God 24:43

Asymmetrical Games

Nova Swarm 25:59

HangoVR 26:40

I Can Gun 27:18

Nemesis Perspective 28:00

Relaxing Games

Aircar 28:31

Puppy Chef Academy 29:20

Land of Amara 30:34

Google Earth VR 31:17

Cosmic Sugar VR 31:43

Horizon Beyond 32:35

Crafting Games

Order Up VR 33:30

Waltz of the Wizard 34:00

Short Circuit VR 34:59

Misc Games

DIRE 35:20

The Lab 36:10

Taphouse VR 36:50

Anyland 37:23

Castle Defender VR 38:43

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  1. Rec room is sorta like ROBLOX I own a quest 2

  2. Can these games be played on a quest 2

  3. Albina definitely doesn’t remind me of a certain dog sent into space

  4. Actually got a htc vive after this vid, best investment ever

  5. Ignore this this is just a list of cool games I’d like to try when I buy a vr headset

    00:22 wolvenstein
    Guns’n’n stories 04:10
    Vr chat 04:30
    Wave vr 05:05

  6. You are so good yt tnx for 50 vr games 👍😔👍

  7. Fax Mashine in 195x? OK invented 1843, but not usual as small device 195x.
    Can't find "the last day defense" in viveport…
    Is architect from itch (io)? I can't find it.
    Aircar is not controllable with my Vive.

  8. yay rec room now its top free games

  9. I wonder why google earth vr isn't on the Oculus store

  10. I don’t have a headset why am I watching this?

    2 months later: Oculus quest 2 bb

  11. The title of the video says top 50 free VR games but you only show two free games

  12. Township tale isnt free so it is, 49 free games

  13. You get township tale for free on quest 2 you have to pay

  14. Must be

    Top 50 best vr free games

  15. what about gorilla tag? did you already did that one?

  16. I see ur future 2030 u will hit one million subs

  17. im disappointed that a township tale is free for other vr, but on the quest its 10$

  18. You know what would help? Maybe telling us where to get the game like is it on oculus or steam or ???

  19. I wish a township tale was still free

  20. I ayes the original game of wolfenstein the old blood

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