Top 9 NEW "MOSTLY REALISTIC" FPS Games Of 2022 -


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Here are 9 FPS games that are either in early access, or are expected to release later in 2022.

0:00 – Intro
0:56 – Project Wraith
1:58 – Ground Branch
2:54 – S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Heart of Chernobyl
3:55 – Isonzo Italian Front
4:51 – Battlebit Remastered
5:52 – Black One Blood Brothers
6:56 – 6 Days In Fallujah
7:56 – Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (Codename Cortez)
9:00 – World War 3
10:47 – Road To Vostok (Bonus Clip)

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  1. Really #5 should not be on this list, as you are talking realistic FPS, thats is anything but realistic FPS ? must say never heard of most of those upcoming games, thanks for the info.

  2. Battlebit = a very Roblox to me.. but, the gameplay looks nice..
    Isonzo = early 2022? you mean 2023 ?

  3. I'd like to see you do a rundown on those fantasy/sf FPS's that you mentioned, just as a one off video. I'd be interested in what you have to say 🙂

  4. cod, war on drugs. ffff that, war on drugs mages as much sense as war on alcohol. feeding the prison system and harassing consumers

  5. For me its gotta be Wraith Stalker and 6 days and of course Battlefield 2042 Remaster Rectify fan favourite complete no bullshit no excuses everything we wanted in the first place apart from specialists version, ok maybe the last ones pushing dreams and logic to far . Just the first 3 it is then

  6. You could have made this list to upto 10 with Ready or Not.

  7. Well what do you know, COD is still coming to playstation. I don't play anymore because it's the same game every year with new skins. I think it's hilarious that xbox and PC guys said that the Microsoft purchase of EA would mean no more playstation releases. The almighty Dollar says different.

  8. Ok, that's it. I'm selling my soul to buy a decent gaming PC. Tired of seeing these videos then hopping on my series x only to play sandstorm which might as well be from 2012 lmao

  9. The tactical shooter and loadout channel says:

    Modern warfare 2 isn’t new or realistic in any weapon mechanics, why didn’t arma or dayz get put on this list they are way more realistic tactical shooters

  10. Well the Authoritarian LEFT does it again…they canceled 6 days in Fallujah

  11. Stalker 2 isn’t out until December 8 2022 on pc

  12. I don't usually like corny looking games bit that battle bit looks pretty dope not gonna lie very squad like but seems a little faster paced atleast from what the clip shows

  13. How does MW2 make it on this list but Escape from Tarkov doesn't?

  14. I have the Modern Warfare 2 remastered version it looks great

  15. Cool on all the games but the mw2 section on video i already know wont be a realistic shooter expect the usual cod clown and unicorn costumes with hello kitty m16's shooting purple star wars lazers

  16. It's sad that pc gets all of these amazing tactical games but console doesn't get shit and if we do it's garbage and it's a port from PC and they suck

  17. This mf really just left out Esacape from Tarkov, Arma 3, surgency sandstorm, hell let loose, squad and rainbow six siege, Wtf

  18. Does anyone else notice nothing is being released? Video games are pretty much dead. Be prepared to wait until 2023 for games to be released.

    p.s. I feel sorry for everyone who bought and rtx card. There are no games to push it's power lol

  19. I get poop in my pants when I play shooting games, what am I to do?

  20. should I wear diapers or just poop in my pants?

  21. am thinking about buying Ready or not , Ground Branch , 6 Days in Fallujah , Black one Blood Brothers which one should i get?

  22. You literally have the Koolest name ever ,wow. LT BUZZLITEBEER We salute you

  23. for the love of god, can we please get a new mmofps?!?!?!?!?!?

  24. They still can't grasp the core of shooting…
    Run and gun is ridiculous…
    And turbo crab is equally ridiculous…
    From a realistic perspective…

  25. Dude the fact you didnt include Escape from Tarkov on here is just embarassing…

  26. There's a First Person Shooter PC game that i'm searching for i'm confusing it with the game titled F.E.A.R, your character makes his way out of a dark building into the street, there's cars and a few human dead soldiers who just stand there, you then enter the building (maybe its a church?) After opening the door a dude talks to you surrounded with soldiers, you thereafter kill all the enemies who shoot at you. Afterwards you fall through the floor to go to the next area. It's definitely a horror fps game but i forgot the title of the game what's it called? It has a dark atmosphere

  27. Are this game available for Android phone


  29. 6 months later and none of these games are out yet

  30. Ground branch, insurgency sandstorm, ready or not, zero hour u forgot

  31. call of duty realistic?? really pink wepons and 1 second auto reload that is what realistic is 8 shots kill 3 head shots ? 🤣 where would u put arma and insurgency? 🤣

  32. The Call of Duty franchise should forever remain excluded from the word realistic on all accounts.

    No one sprints around for 10,000 meters and jumps from 3 story buildings with no issues in full battle rattle, and shoots accurately afterward, fucking ever

  33. Imagine if they were all built on the blockchain like the popular Shrapnel play2Earn , it would have been a massive boost to the gamefi sector ✅.

  34. A good list for real especially COD, there are some blockchain based first person shooter games one could earn from coming up also, shrapnel is a good example and it ticks alot of solid game boxes for me

  35. “Mostly realistic” and you have call of duty on here.. not gonna watch can’t take you serious

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