Top Fun Shooting Games For PS Vita! pt2 -

Top Fun Shooting Games For PS Vita! pt2

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Today’s October 2021 Sony Playstation Vita News Update Review – Part 2 of the segment featuring fun shooting games on Vita.

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Featured Games:
Flame Over
Call of Duty Declassifed
Sine Mora

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  1. Just lets hope your videos are gonna pop up soon so all ps vita community!

  2. There’s only one that matters Killzone Mercenary (also i would love to see a video on PS Vita Rhythm games including Japan imports I recommend IA VT Colorful and Miracle Girls Festival, i also imported DJ Max Technika Tune from the US too)

  3. Ultratron is a pretty fun time waster that I keep on my system. It's very similar to the old arcade game Robotron 2084 and Smash TV. Honestly, I probably would not have bought it, but it was a free game with my PS Plus account years ago and I'm glad I have it now. It's one of those you can pick up and play real quick when you don't have a lot of time, like on break at work.

  4. Great content thanks for keeping the PSVita alive I love your ENERGY!!!!👍🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. I know it's an action horror game but what about resident evil revalation 2. You are shooting zombies

  6. I have a thing against shapes and that's why I love Geometry Wars 3. It scratches my shape murdering itch.

  7. Where was your lewd shooter game this time around?
    I guess you should have listed Gun Gun Pixies again. 🤣

  8. The multiplayer to Black ops: Declassified is pretty addicting. It maybe more sluggish, than it’s console counterparts, but it’s good enough. I wouldn’t touch single player though.

  9. asside from sina mora which I played on the switch I heavent played any of these for different reasons

    sina mora is garbage though ragequited it in the 2nd stage due an extreme long almost impossible and annoying part where you have to stop time for a second start it again stop for a second again etc or die against a wall

  10. Call of duty black ops declassified is not that bad of a cod game yes it may be clunky but its better than some of the cod games that got released on console

  11. Sat and completed resistance burning skies this year awesome game

  12. I played GundedliGne on the PS3 which was part of the Gundemonium Collection (basically the same game), the hitbox is the jewel on the player character's necklace or something like that, so that's why the game seems forgiving (spoiler: It most certainly is not).

  13. Did you tried out the game Volume? A game with sneaking around and special weapons elements. Would be interesting to know what you think about it.
    Kind regard’s and please keep it up.

  14. Playing Gunner's heaven on the Vita. It's…🤤🤤🤤

  15. Shooters are games that I rarely play so these recommendations are very much appreciated. The last shooting games I played are counter-strike and quake 1.

  16. 2013 Infected Wars. I dont know if you have heard of this title before.

  17. Killzone mercenary
    Resident evil revelations 2
    Bordelands 2

  18. I only got about 4gb left on my vita and I want to have so many games that I have to reset my vita multiple times to organise them into folders (not really, but selling an idea here), how about a series for good games that only take up a few mb? Like under 100mb

  19. Still waiting for my ps vita memory card 😑 Amazon delivery is very slow in my country ,,

  20. If it wasn't featured already, Oddworld Stranglers Wrath was a good shooter on the vita.

  21. Before I mention the shooters that I like, I want to say a couple things.

    1. Black Ops: Declassified is okay. It has a good multiplayer component (which is probably the most important part of a COD game, if we're being honest) and a fun side mode in Hostiles. However, the single player "campaign" is flawed. The biggest flaw, I would say, is the lack of checkpoints. If it wasn't for that, it'd be an ok campaign. Also, for the lack of content that's there, it should have been a lot cheaper than $50.

    2. I don't know why people hate touch controls so much. People liked them well enough on the DS and mobile gaming (the Vita's biggest competitor) was nothing but touch controls. Heck, we use touch controls everyday on our phones and no one seems to complain about that. Is the touch screen on the Vita perfect? No, but I still don't see why it'd that big of an issue when the same people that complain about touch controls in Uncharted, Tearaway, Killzone, and even WipeOut also like games like Taco Master, My Name is Mayo, and Candy Crush (for mobile users) which are nothing but touch controls. I personally liked the touch controls in the aforementioned games and don't really have a problem when a game has a touch screen menu or game mechanic. This is just my opinion. You don't have to after me for it. Just saying that it's kind of hypocritical sometimes.

    Now, for the shooters that I like: Killzone: Mercenary, Resistance: Burning Skies, Unit 13, and it may not be a full-on shooter, but Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

  22. Recently I'm playing Super Destronaut: Land Wars on my Vita. At first I was just "It's good looking, but I don't know if I'm having much fun", but after giving it another go I think the game is really fun! It's really addicting sometimes, just shooting the Space Invaders-like enemies, getting coins to improve yourself, I really recommend xD

  23. wish I played shooter but hey persona 4 has Noato and she has a gun (I am grasping here)

  24. Good video! I like that firefighting game for the Vita. Looks like it's fun to play. The other shooters look good too!

  25. Black Ops: Declassified is an okay game. Since I mostly play the campaign's in cod games (am not a big multiplayer guy cuz I have doo doo internet) Declassified's campaign was good enough albeit flawed. Am mostly talking about the lack of checkpoints. All your progress could just be gone if you get killed and back to the beginning of the mission you go. I also wish the campaign was a little longer. As for multiplayer, I did play it a couple of months ago and It was pretty fun but the movement was sluggish tho.

    TL;DR: Black Ops: Declassified multiplayer is fun and kinda addicting. Single player…… not so much

  26. Apparently laughing Jackal made a PSP mini called Cubixx which is a great and addicting PSP mini

  27. 2013 Infected Wars & Dead Nation are great titles this time of year.
    The reason COD generates alotta hate us cuz were used to a very high bar being consistently met & for alot of first year Vita titles, most just meh reviews because they fall a little short of console quality. It’s unfair to compare the Vita to console quality gaming 100% but it’s understandable. It was a rushed title & pretty sure that if COD was better, things would’ve went differently for the handheld.

  28. I am disappointed with you for not mentioning gal gun double peace.

  29. Like you I also didn't find Black Ops DeClass all that bad (Killzone Mercenary was leagues better though). Also like you I'm not a bit CoD fan so maybe I don't understand either.

  30. Quick suggestion why not put a link to part one in the description or a pinned comment? That way it makes it easier for people who enjoy this video to give more views to another one of your videos as well

  31. Black Ops was hated for its campain mode: It was really short and the levels format sucked big time (who thought COD players cared about high scores?). The story itself wasn't bad, if anything they were cool and were set on places you don't often see in videogames (Berlin Wall, Middle East, Center America) and serves as a bridge between Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2. Multiplayer was ok, it was fun but lacked maps and guns. Most were expecting an actual full fledged COD on the go, instead we got a watered down COD that would had a better fit for smarthphones.

    Anyways, i would recommend Duke Nukem but im sure it has been delisted for a while now.

  32. I'd love to see another part of the chill/relaxing games for the vita series 🙂

    Love your content

  33. I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling on Sine Mora. The last bullet hell game I played was Deathsmiles 2 generations ago so thought I might be out of practice. It's a good looking, well animated game though. A new twist on an old favourite.
    I've heard there's 2 Silent Hill games in the works, so here's hoping we'll finally get at least 1 sequel. Alan Wake and Tormented Souls will tide me over for a while, but I need to walk through that Silent Hill fog again.

  34. I believe Sine Mora is pronounced like SIN-AYE MORE-UH. Sort of like you are saying "cinema" bit you chop off the "ma" part.

  35. Just a heads up freedom wars multiplayer is back online 😀

  36. Hmm let’s see, Exile’s End, Aqua Kitty, Astro Aqua Kitty, Metal Slug 3, XenoCrisis, Habroxia, Habroxia 2, Soldner-X2, Get Off My Lawn, and Velocity Ultra are mine top picks. How about since it’s the season, how about too horror games for the Vita! As always great video! And I found a few new games to get!

  37. Black ops declassified is an overall 6/10 game

    the campaign is short and pointless, but somewhat fun.

    Hostiles mode is short and kinda fun, but the multiplayer is where it's at.

    It isn't the greatest multiplayer experience, but for what it was at the time and even now, it's really fun.

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