valorant isnt a shooting game -

valorant isnt a shooting game

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i post daily low elo valroant content

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  1. I dont understand why rito makes knives have a delay between clicking the mouse

  2. Everyone else: pew pew pew
    Breach: assassin’s creed

  3. HAHAHAHAHA Just because of the WHaT Te Fuk Im subscribing your axcent is actually the best thing Ive heard

  4. Once I got ace with just knife, with breach in iron, they were clueless I was killing their teammate just next to them.

  5. As a Breach main, this dude is using his util really well for his rank surprisingly. Is he actually Iron?

  6. When this blows up, I’ll be here laughing because I was here first

  7. valorant in south london:

  8. Bro I love your videos and I want to play with youuu do u play in Singapore ?

  9. sound in this video is like wahhh uhhh ywaaaaa wttttttttttttttttttt whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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