valorant isnt a shooting game -

valorant isnt a shooting game

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i post daily low elo valroant content

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  1. valorant is not a shooting game, it's a knife game

  2. bro the viper kill in the first clip???? wtf im crying???? i love our elo

  3. now i realise i have a friend who sounds just like you

  4. Bro ur channel is growing! keep up the fun videos

  5. Iron 1 to bronze 2 is just crouch spraying lol

  6. bro porbably got hundreds of kills with the knife

  7. How's that happening? In Hongkong server, Bronze player always hit me on the head even when they are running.

  8. All right i think we all agree that the best part about these are the screams

  9. bro what server do you play on, how do you get matched up like this lmaoooo

  10. you are horifying inocent souls play like shooting game

  11. this is more entertaining than some of the vids pros make cause everyones clueless LOLL

  12. At 0:33 you can clearly see you knifed Viper in the ass wich we all know is her weak spot.

  13. How is this man getting knifes so easy. What region are u playing in?

  14. bro i want to be a mod lmfao in ur streams… way too funny man xdddd

  15. Im just sitting here thinking about the fact that these are all human beings with functional brain cells

  16. Bro those perfectly cut screams got me crying 💀

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