Virtual Reality Multiplayer Gun Game! - Pavlov VR Gameplay - VR HTC Vive -

Virtual Reality Multiplayer Gun Game! – Pavlov VR Gameplay – VR HTC Vive

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Welcome back to Pavlov VR, a virtual reality video game on the HTC Vive! Pavlov is a multiplayer shooter for the HTC Vive, and it’s freaking amazing! Today I play Gun Game with Draegast, Blitz, and GrayStillPlays!

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  1. i like this man his prety good at guns and his so joker

  2. you guys noboby was listening to blitz at the beginning im sorry blitz


  4. When i get the chance im gonna build a world that looks the exact same as my house and then shoot my family

  5. Ctop I didn’t know you played with blitz gray and drae

  6. The Office: Toby ain't fucking around anymore

  7. hows the htc control go movement wise with no thumbsticks?

  8. I’m not doing anything to make you feel bad but I’m just getting off your phone with my Facebook story about what’s your name and I don’t know Geror name and I’m gonna was a great night to sleep with my friend you had been in a good day yesterday so we just had some good stuff I just gotta I gotta is a way you could come back in a few hours so that would make me happy and I gotta is that I’m gonna was your last year for your holidays I was going through my stuff so we don’t know what’s wrong and I’m gonna was that you was just being so upset with that you had no more money for that and stuff to be happy with that somebody that I don’t want and I wanna is that you don’t know me I’m gonna was a good day to see what’s up and I’m gonna is your way

  9. He didn’t have two guns he had a magazine and a gun

  10. What you know gray still plays I Watch your videos and his videos

  11. It’s not a m1garand it’s a kar 98k

  12. Almost 2 years later still surprised ctop calls kar98 an m1 garand.

  13. Excuse me for being the Melvin here but that's a car 98 not M1 grand

  14. Can’t believe this guy thinks the Kar98k is an M1 Grand. 98 is German bolt action, M1 is semi auto American, and 8 shots with cool ping

  15. Ctop: aww Mann I got the stupid m1 garand

    Every German army officer: Das ist ein verdammtes Kar98, du ungebildetes Schwein!!!!!

  16. Why you call a mosin nagant a m1 garand

  17. Pulls out a five seven that actually shoots bigger bullets than an M4
    I have a 9mm now

  18. Ctop: trying to steel the mag next gets shot up

  19. Ctop: ahhh 1of the guys: quiet me:ahhh in my head: you suck!

  20. I love how he says the wrong names for about every weapon.

  21. Anyway I practiced shooting games in my iPad soooo im way more better then ctop probably

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