VR Realistic Military Shooters just got BETTER - Onward VR Gameplay - grsgames.com

VR Realistic Military Shooters just got BETTER – Onward VR Gameplay

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  1. i saw a vast or circular thing that it can be used to listen music and feel the bibrations of it, you can also feel your shots and when you are hit in shooters

  2. I wish it was like that

    the smoke just appears
    I wish it came out from 1-2 ends

  3. Can I ask how do you format this for YouTube in your editing software?

  4. Difference here is youre cover shooting, which would normally cause enemies to run for cover. But there’s no consequence here so people just charge without fear 😂

  5. Shame they ruined it with the quest update

  6. That's mission briefing was motivational 👏

  7. Have you found that vr game play improved your airsoft performance?

  8. Most of these comments say “1 year ago”. Are there now high end VR sets (Like the Valve Index using all 4 optional surrounding cameras creating a legit VR grid) that you can go controllerless?

  9. Guys, playing these games in VR it's unbelievable! I played Contractors last night and it's so so much better (better than playing PS4 or PC meaning)

  10. i once held the broken heli on the dust map with an m16 and almost got an ace minus a kill my teammate got

  11. no me gusta este juego porque rayan no tiene suficiente lorza

  12. Haha, America; where tactiCOOL takes priority over function. "Can it shoot straight?". "No but I put this wicked bipod onto the POS 20$ quad rail that shifts EVERY time the weapon is discharged.". Have fun being a 110lb Rambo buddy! No suburbanites with big guns and bigger trucks EVER have small junk. Compensation doesn't exist in this dojo.

  13. "Imagine holding two pistols and trying to line up the sights correctly"

    That's not at all how I experience it. Sure, it feels weird at first because you are holding two controllers, pretending to hold one single barrel of a rifle…. but after playing for a while, it doesn't feel like I'm trying to line up two different sights. It feels like I'm holding a very lightweight gun. I never got the feeling that I was trying to line up two sights (even if that's technically what's happening). An easy way to deal with that, is hold one controller still while moving the other one.

  14. Basically the intro: wow its so "immersive" to hold a gun

  15. ahh yes i want a stealthy rifle by adding a suppresor to my gun but i still want that pucker factor so what do you do just slap a 40mm he UGL on the bottom of that bitch

  16. "Bravo 6, oh shit"

    That should've been in the COD:MW trailer tbh

  17. And this makes me want to sell my psvr for a oculus quest. Edit: I’m getting it for Christmas lmao

  18. Onward tip if you want a gun stock without actually having one but having the mechanic go into onward settings turn on virtual gun stock it’ll lock into your virtual shoulder again not made for everyone but I love it

  19. this is by far the most immersive shooter I've ever played. was spending too much idle time at a computer desk. got VR. I'm sore AF from 12 hours of onward last night lol

  20. but what about when you need to reload in the game or change to a pistol? you would have to remove the controllers from the frame each time?

  21. Vr games like these prove getting Drafted can get you killed instantly

  22. for me at least its not hard to aim with two controllers its actually easy as I can do it well, unless im like really far away then its a little hard

  23. this game made me so nauseous, i refunded it right away.

  24. 2:52 my girlfriend weighs about the same as he does.. she might be 5 or 20 pounds more 👏

  25. What on Earth is this business where when you start engaging in combat the screen dims by 75%? That's awful and incredibly annoying!

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