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Ways to play NES Light Gun Games on a Modern TV

Brad Smith
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An overview of the problem light guns have with the modern television set, and a couple of ways to overcome it.


Tomee Zapp Gun:


Modern Mallard Kickstarter: (unsuccessful)

It’s a big topic, and there’s a lot of little details that I had to leave out to keep it simple. For instance, there’s really a lot of possibilities for how LCD and other types of modern TVs operate, but I tried to give an overview of the most basic and common cases here. There are also more unusual light gun detection techniques for NES software (e.g. Action 53’s zapper games) that can’t really be covered by lag compensation. Feel free to discuss these in the comments.

0:00 The latency issue
1:49 The frequency issue
4:08 Previous solutions
5:14 A new solution


  1. Try the Aim track light gun for people that emulate

  2. Easy fix , get rid of the nes console hardware. Get Hyperspin on your pc with Nes emulator and duck hunt rom. Get a aim track light gun with usb to connect to pc. Aim track was designed for LCD screens.

  3. How do you download the rom to a Powerpak or Ever Drive-N8

  4. How is that ! an opposite information on the Tomee gun Website ?!!!
    "This product will not work on LCD, LED, and most modern HDTV television sets."
    could you explain please?!!


  5. After watching this, I know who the smarter Smith is

  6. I hate how this guy talks but love this video

  7. PC Emulator method

    Use an emulator that maps the Zapper to you PC mouse click.
    Use a PC lightgun mapped to mouse. Done.

    It works flawlessly.

    I did this about a decade ago. I used an "EMS TopGun II" that I bought from Play Asia. And some emulator? Maybe Nestopia?

    I would recommend a newer lightgun though as it is meant to run on older operating systems like XP or Vista. There are no 'Official' drivers for Windows 7 or 10. However, I got it working on 7. And I think I have tutorial on my channel for that if you have one. I'm not sure about Windows 10 yet though.

  8. So either way there has to be a modification to either the gun or game no matter what? A different light gun is fine. But I'd rather keep my game a stock product.

  9. Now in 2020 people will be wanting to get Duck Hunt working in VR with 3D Sen. Is it already playable?

  10. I have questions, is there a way to directly communicate with you?

  11. Option 2: Just download the Wii U virtual console version

  12. A custom light gun can be made using Gravity IR sensor in junction with the Xbox IR bar thingy. It was demonstrated on a channel called Samco. I couldn't buy the sensor in my location, so I tried using a gyro but it needed to be reset for every run to compensate for drifting. I was thinking of using a wiimote, but that wouldn't be as satisfying as something DIY.

  13. I wish there was more information on creating light gun games. Sadly NESmaker does not support it, and there is little to no information on light gun programming.

  14. What I basically got from this video is it doesn’t work and it’s not worth going that hard with time and money to make it work!

  15. I clicked on the link for the gun, but it says it doesn't work on LEDs or LCDs. So now I'm confused.

  16. If I have the original nes should I just get a CRT TV that they give away for free?

  17. This is what I got for 2020 chrismas

  18. So basically short of buying an old crt tv or really having to mess about, you doing doing this! 🙁

  19. It would be cool if there was a company making widescreen modern thin crts. That would make retro gaming feel more modern

  20. I still prefer CRT monitors over all "modern" monitors I've used.

  21. Another method is to get the game on Wii U virtual console, but… the Wii U didn’t do well

  22. Me and some buddys played a drinking game last night with your vid, every time you said dunk hunt we took a shot… I’m coming back this morning to tell you I’m half dead and I hate you..

  23. That's odd. I was able to play duckhunt on a modern LCD without any issue.

  24. The Zap gun doesn't work on my LCD TV 🙁 Is there anything else I need to do with it?

  25. Okay so spell it out for me like I'm an idiot.
    I know I need the Tomee Light Gun but what also do I need and are there any tutorials online?

  26. is there guns for labtops that work on emulators???

  27. I hate it when people do ASMR shit in non-ASMR videos, it doesn't work on everyone and it weirds me out. I came to watch a video about the NES Zapper, not some guy creepily whispering into his mic like a weeb trying to talk to a girl. Keep ASMR separate from the regular videos, these are really good otherwise.

  28. Thank you for this succinct and informative video, it saved me from going down this rabbit hole myself 😆 I was sitting here thinking "so I know about the timing issue, but if you hacked the ROM, or even had the emulator just save state and rewind…" and so I'm glad to find out that a) there's another issue involved and b) this problem is thoroughly solved already!

  29. Very cool. Has anyone worked on snes patches for lethal enforcers and super scope.

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