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What are the Best PS2 Light Gun Games?

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These are my favorite Playstation 2 light gun games. Please remember to wear eye protection!

* Video Game footage captured for review purposes only *


  1. You look much fatter when you're clean shaven without your beard

  2. I watching this vídeo again because I finally bougth a ligthgun ! :p and I gotta say that last part at 6:17 just made my day xd , stay awesome ! 🙂

  3. wait… vampire night is a rip-off house of the dead? and it made by the same company?

  4. Virtua Cop Elite Edition is also a great guncon game.

  5. Hey, MJ…these guns only work on crt tv right? but now it's 2019, is there a fix for modern tv's yet? My next comment, whenever I play Time Crisis, I imagine that I'm playing G.I. Joe vs Cobra, the 80's version, not that movie crap! I hope someone makes a G.I. Joe game like that some day.

  6. So what can I use for my hdtv? I'm planning to get playstation 2 just for the gun games

  7. Didn't mention Ninja Assualt. That game was great, sadly it's a really overlooked PS2 light gun game.

  8. Played time crisis 2&3 last night. Aged incredibly well!

  9. What color is Your PS2 Light Gun?
    Orange or Pink?

  10. It's pink you would think they could do better

  11. How I can play these games with my backward ps3 ?? With ps3 move?

  12. Please do a new episode on light gun games for when the sinden light gun is released! I already have a list of titles to hunt down but I'm sure there's heaps I don't know of.

  13. Hey MJ, is there a gaming gun that works with modern TV's of today?

  14. thats a nice crt tv they are getting harder to get a hold of every year it seems

  15. i have just one chance play with gaming gun,when i play Duck Hunt like kid

  16. Would enjoy an updated version of this video with newer games

  17. You really should do another video on light gun games. I'm getting a couple of sinden light guns next month and need as many ideas for games as possible!

  18. Hopes for Sinden Lightgun to bring back this genre <3

  19. Can you play PS1 light gun games on the PS2 with a PS2 light gun?

  20. You should try and get a Sinden Light Gun that is coming out now

  21. I have never heard of Resident Evil Dead Aim?! But I have it on order now! Haha

  22. The ps2 light gun was pin point accurate

  23. I played time crisis 2 so much that I eventually unlocked the dual wielding mode. It was badass

  24. I swear to God I saw this dude puking his guts out on the Ave 45th Northeast in like 98. Although, there's never been a shortage of long haired post-grunge dudes in Seattle.

  25. hi Metal Jesus,

    i think you are great

    do you know if they make peripherals to make the iron sites on the Guncons more pronounced? Them things are super small.

  26. Very first video i saw in your Channel Jason, and been watching ever since.stay cool and humble

  27. Got a couple sweet RGB SCART cables with light gun support for my PS1&PS2 and my PVMs

  28. Metal Jesus, which gun would you recommend for Wii?

  29. I hate that there is no ps2 gun for modern tv if heart they only work with crt tv

  30. Can you let me know if there is a good after market option for the video pass through cable for the guncon 2. I have seen the cable recently and people want way to much for it. I looked around and I have not seen any other options. A video cable splitter would work but the placement of the console and tv av ports is just not really feasible.

  31. Hey ❗can you play ghost recon 2 with the light gun for PS2??? THANKS 🙏. Carlos ❗.

  32. can we plz get mjr to 1mil subs he really deserves it (:

  33. Just picked up time crisis 3, and ordered a light gun online. I loved the arcade, but playing it in my living room is a wet dream of mine lol

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