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What is the BEST Shooting Game on Roblox?

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I played the 10 BEST SHOOTING games on Roblox to figure out which one is the BEST. All of these games were chosen by you, so make sure you unsubscribe and check my stories to enter future videos!

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  1. U know what? There’s a player whose lvl 800 in arsenal and he’s legit( not hacker cause there’s a lot of them)

  2. play the worlds low graphic games

  3. umm strucid is goood but u just glitched out of the map or something

  4. The fact u can see the games on the cuts or whatever u want to call it where u can skip to another one but yk what I mean

  5. Shoot out use to be good but now it sucks

  6. Hello DJ! Wussup? Anyway I have a suggestion how about you play the GLITCHY GAMES EVER. Please put me in vid if you use this 🙂

  7. Hey do strucid we didn’t troll I u have to wait for it to load before quickly deploying

  8. just letting yk phantom forces will never be the best shooter. its sooo overacted

  9. just leave and rejoin if ur game doesnt work

  10. everybody knows phantom is the best liike the GRAPHICS

  11. Deadline is better than all of those
    Maybe better than phantom forces is better, idk.
    I dont like arsenal because its too fast paced to me

  12. What’s the name of this place. Want to make sure I don’t get donuts there

  13. play entry point pls very good shooter game

  14. Please do a video on nerdballertv on your main channel.

  15. You need to play recoil! It has good graphics and it's a little realistic but not too realistic! And it's not blocky! I really and I mean really recommend playing this! It's by far my favorite shooting game in roblox!

  16. hey djlovesturo can u play aimblox on roblox its the best shooting game and i saport u ever day(:

  17. Bruh I thought he was gonna play frontlines 😢😭😭😭

  18. u should play randomizer dj in roblox its kinda goofy but youll get in to the game
    tips: on some knifes u have special abbilties to activate the press e.
    u also have emotes so if u wanna activate them press 4.

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