World record longest shot at a clay pigeon -

World record longest shot at a clay pigeon

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Twenty-times world champion George Digweed has set a new world record for shooting a clay pigeon. In front of the cameras from Fieldsports Channel, and using standard cartridges, he shot one at 130 yards. George pulled off the incredible shot at the Bisley Live shooting show. The record rounds off an incredible year for George, he has won 19 World titles (11 Sporting and 8 Fitasc), 11 European Fitasc title, 2 European Compak titles and 9 World Cups. He was awarded an MBE in 2009. This film first appeared in Fieldsports Britain, episode 97. To watch the whole show go to

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  1. That shotgun looked like it had very little recoil.

  2. You are showing a man discharge a shotgun . You are telling us he is breaking clays. You are not showing us. Why should we believe you?

  3. "taking out pigeons and crows from low orbit"

    This mf can shoot down satilites and planes witha' verticle double barrel

    i probably heard that wrong

  4. And for his next record attempt he’s going to use a 20 gauge shotgun while eating fish & chips….

  5. Direkt an der Fressbude stehen und Tontaubenschießen. Ganz nach meinem Geschmack

  6. Exploding clay disc oldest trick in the book

  7. Gulf Coast Florida Man of the Gulf Coast says:

    Alright, I'm new to this sport but I'm gonna have to see how far I can comfortably walk it out.

  8. I did a shot 400 yards away. Then I had to walk 400 yards to the bar to buy another shot.

  9. Didn’t show a single shot. Who the hell filmed this?

  10. 0:27 "… first from the shoulder, then from the hip… not that I've seen my hips for years."
    How about that for British humor!

  11. I thought the announcer called him a Dickweed lol

  12. Shotgun won’t kill anything at that range with birdshot

  13. I had a few chickens killed by a fox but two of my friends shot the fox from 155 yards

  14. Every time I watch this is still blown away with not only the impressive distances with off the shelf loads but how just good old country this chap is…. true countryman at a country show… no bs no glitter rubbish how other countries do shows… yet this was more entertaining than them brothers that do shotgun shows…

  15. Camera work is terrible .just showing him shoot is wrong .

  16. Well, it would have been nice if your video audience could have seen the clays break. All we saw was the guy shooting at (?) and then the crowd cheering.

  17. Nobody will ever beat his record over 5 decades, and so many World titles. The best man with a shotgun ever!

  18. What's more amazing is that shotgun is probably more expensive than most people's houses lol

  19. Oh wow bird shot will not even penetration skin over 100 yards. I'm surprised it's able to break pigeons.

  20. 15 years old and shot 90 yard 10 x in a row I was chuffed 👍

  21. My grandad showed me this as a kid when it was first uploaded, a week before this he let me move up from a single shot 20ga to a 20ga semi auto hatsan arms escort. I saw this and instantly asked to swap it for a 12ga under and over 🤣

  22. a video about world record clay shoot and not a clay shown, yet another fine job by fieldsports

  23. So the clays are rigged to explode? First clay looked like it blew up….not standard dusty poof of a broken clay? I dunno. Im not saying its impossible…but it MIGHT be BS

  24. How does he even see it let alone hitting it from that distance

  25. Excelente escopetero, les pega desde muy lejos a los discos 🥏..!! Ya habia visto este muy interesante documental..!! Excelente vídeo..!! Saludos

  26. What shot did he move to for the record. Black shells of some kind?

  27. For the remotely curious, that Perazzi shotgun cost as much as some new cars, good possibility its worth more than the vehicle he drove to do that shoot.

  28. I can shoot at a clay pigeon from 15,000 miles. I won't hit it, but I can shoot at it!

  29. Geez. What load and shot for those very long shots? ….not the guy you want next to you in the Dove Field.

  30. He continually points the muzzle of his firearm at the crowd, dogs, people he is talking to. Here in America he would be thrown off the range no matter how good a shot he is.

  31. And I struggled killing ducks at 40.
    Awesome shooting.

  32. DANG 😳!!!!
    I once killed a dove at 100 yards and knew nobody could do it.
    I stand corrected 🙏👍

  33. Now do it on a dove. I knocked a dove down at 110 after everyone said it was too far

  34. Anyone that understands how shotguns work understand that he’s breaking the clay with one tiny pellet and firing about a hundred or so pellets with each shot. The spread the pellets hit at 130 yards would be about the size of half a basketball court. No 5 shot is big and heavy so it will break a clay farther than a regular clay shell. But mostly it’s just getting lucky that a pellet will hit the clay and not end up in a spot in the pattern where no pellets are. I’m sure he’s an amazing shot… but it’s not how most, non gun enthusiasts, are thinking .

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